45+ Adjectives That Start With K (with Example Usage)

Whether you are hoping to create strong alliterations, or you are simply looking to expand your vocabulary, finding good adjectives that begin with the letter K is a surprisingly difficult task. While there many not be that many adjectives that start with K, you can still find the right words. We have prepared a large list to get you started on your journey.

Adjectives that start with K

Kabbalistic — Pertaining to Kaballah.

Kafkaesque — Bureaucratic, bizarre, excessively difficult.

Kaleidoscopic — Possessing numerous different facets.

Karmic — Pertaining to karma.

Keyed — Destroyed with a key.

Keyless — Not requiring a key to open.

Keynesian — Pertaining to the economic theory of John Keynes.

Khaki — A tan or light brown color.

Killable — Can be killed or murdered.

Killed — Decreased by means of killing.

Kilted — Someone wearing a kilt.

Kindled — Lit, ignited, aflame, blazing.

Kinesthetic — Tactile, sensory, physical.

Kinetic — Marked by motion.

King-sized — Enormous, large, huge.

Kinked — Twisted, with lots of kinks, or curled.

Kinky — Bizarre, unusual, or strange.

Kippered — Smoked and salted (fish).

Kitschy — Garish, glitzy, showy, pompous.

Kleptomaniac — With the compulsion to steal.

Knitted — Made through the process of knitting.

Knobbly — Full of knobs or lumps, rough.

Knotty — Having multiple knots.

Known — Recognized, familiar, acknowledged, publicly accepted.

Adjectives that start with K to describe a person

Keen — Avid, enthusiastic, energetic, proactive.

Kept — Financially supported by someone else.

Killjoy — Drains all joy.

Kind — Nice, polite, compassionate, helpful, warm.

Kindly — Good-natured, gentle, caring, sweet.

Kindred — Similar, soul mates, related.

Kingly — With the qualities of a king.

Kissable — Sufficiently desirable to kiss.

Kissed — Having received a kiss.

Klutzy — Clumsy, prone to accidents.

Knackered — Fatigued, exhausted, tired.

Knavish — Mischievous or wicked.

Knighted — Having received knighthood.

Knightly — With the qualities of a knight

Knowledgeable — Filled with knowledge, informed, educated.

Kooky — Strange, bizarre, eccentric, or crazy.

Positive adjectives that start with K

Key — Vital, essential, very important.

Kick-ass — Wonderful, superb, excellent, great.

Killer — Very good, awesome, epic.

Kind-hearted — With a kind heart.

Kitten-like — With the qualities of a kitten.

Knowing — In possession of knowledge.

Kosher — Good, fine; in accordance with Jewish dietary laws.

Example sentences with K adjectives

  1. My Uncle John was just telling me about the Kafkaesque experience he had at the DMV while trying to register his new vehicle; needless to say, he is exhausted now.
  2. Jane has many amazing qualities, but above all else, you have to admire the fact that she is always such a patient and kind
  3. My tabby cat, Sprinkles, is nearly 20 years old now, but despite that, he is still a very playful and kitten-like
  4. Acquiring the financing you need is a key part of starting a new business, and to achieve this goal, you simply have to come up with a rock-solid business plan.
  5. As soon as I bought that new killer jacket at the thrift store everyone started complimenting me — I look so cool, so that was definitely worth the money.
  6. Mr Pierce has always been a keen hunter, so nobody was surprised when he started teaching wilderness survival courses.
  7. I’ve booked a vacation to Scotland, and I simply can’t wait to admire those handsome kilted
  8. John is a kindred spirit; we have so much in common.

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