I Like Your Cut G – Meaning, Origin and Usage

If you exit the barbershop and someone says, ‘I like your cut, G,” what do they mean? Did the barber cut you somewhere you can’t see?

This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression ‘I like your cut G’ means that you’re complimenting someone’s haircut. They may have just arrived from the barber, looking fresh, and you can use the term to compliment them. ‘I Like Ya Cut G’ involves a video of a man slapping a child’s bald head while uttering the phrase.

Example Usage

“Yo man, I like your cut, G. Did you get it from Tyrell at the barber shop on the corner? That guy gives the best haircuts in the city.”

“Word, I like your cut G. You have some style with the lines and checks. That’s kind of hot. I think Imma do something similar when I get my cut later this week.”

“I could use a fresh haircut; I look like a wolfman. I like your cut, G. Who is your barber?”

“Hook me up with your barber, son. I like your cut G. It’s fresh as hell. Gimmie your barber’s number. Imma hit him up right now.”


The expression ‘I like your cut G’ originates from street language and hip-hop culture in New York City. The phrase appeared in the late 1990s as a way to compliment someone on their haircut. While the exact origin of the term is unclear, some people say it comes from a YouTube video created by Alex Chavez. The original video shows a man smacking the back of a bald man’s head while uttering the phrase.

The video is a repost from Emmett Andre Love, a Facebook user that published the original video in 2018. The video went on to receive several reposts from high-profile social media accounts. YouTuber Griff P reposted it, with the post gaining more than 60,000 views.

The video also went on to inspire several remixes, with the user ‘Essential’ publishing the most successful remix in January 2019, gaining over 1.2 million views. The video is still popular in the 2020s, and many users create remixes.

Phrases Similar to I Like Your Cut G

  • I dig your haircut.

Phrases Opposite to I Like Your Cut G

  • Your hair looks like a dogs breakfast.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • I like your cut G.

Ways People May Say I Like Your Cut G Incorrectly

The expression ‘I like your cut G” applies to men, not women. A ‘G’ refers to someone with either a gang affiliation or an impressive reputation in their neighborhood and community. Using the term to describe a woman’s haircut is incorrect.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase I Like Your Cut G

You can use the expression ‘I like your cut G’ when referring to someone’s hairstyle. The ‘cut’ is a haircut, and when someone tells you that they like your cut, they’re saying that your haircut looks fresh. You can use the term when complimenting a man’s haircut. Typically, it’s a phrase used by African-American men.

The term ‘I like your cut G’ suits use in face-to-face conversations. Unless someone sends you a photo of their haircut, you won’t have the grounds to use the term online. The phrase is more popular with hip-hop fans when complimenting someone’s haircut.

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