Red Evil Eye – Meaning, Origin and Usag

Did someone give you a red evil eye bracelet? What does it mean? Are they trying to curse you?

This post unpacks everything you need to know about the red evil eye and its meaning.


The ‘red evil eye’ idol is a part of eastern religious practices, spreading from Ancient Greece to Rome and across Asia into Buddhist temples. The evil eye represents a curse, and those that receive an evil eye are typically bound to misfortune in their lives.

Some people are more prone to the effects of a curse than others. Children and pregnant women seem at the highest risk of experiencing the effects of an evil curse on them. However, the color of the evil eye makes a difference to its spiritual intention. There are several colors of evil eyes that bring the wearer good fortune.

The red evil eye represents courage and protection.

Example Usage

“The red evil eye offers you courage when you’re feeling intimidated or scared. It protects you from harm, giving you the strength you need to push through any situation in life.”

“I need to give her a red evil eye to make her feel safe. It will give her courage and strength in her time of need.”

“What color evil eye are you going to give her? I recommend you go with the red evil eye. It’s the best choice and means you wish her strength and courage. I’m sure she needs that right now.”


The ‘red evil eye’ is a mystical idol and icon in eastern mythology. It is a curse on people by someone with a malevolent slant against them. The use of the evil eye started in Ancient Greece and spread to other civilizations and religions. You’ll find the evil eye used in Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu religious traditions, and it’s a common piece of jewelry worn around the neck or the wrist.

The color of the evil eye signifies the energy it produces. Not all evil eyes are cursed, and some offer the wearer good fortune. The practice of wearing an amulet with an evil eye goes back thousands of years. There is no official record of when the red evil eye first appeared as a symbol of courage.

Phrases Similar to Red Evil Eye

  • Coral evil eye.

Phrases Opposite to Red Evil Eye

  • Black evil eye.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Red evil eye.

Ways People May Say Red Evil Eye Incorrectly

The red evil eye is a part of ancient eastern religious culture, particularly in Buddhism. It represents protection and good fortune for the wearer.

However, a westerner wearing a bracelet with a red evil eye might not understand its significance or meaning in their life. As a result, they may find themselves wearing other colored evil eyes that may curse them.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Red Evil Eye

You can use the expression ‘red evil eye’ or a symbol of the idol when you’re referring to people that display courage or offer protection to others. It’s an ancient tradition in many eastern religions and symbolizes good luck for the wearer. Typically, the red evil eye features on jewelry you wear around your neck or wrist.

You can give someone a bracelet or necklace featuring the red evil eye when you want them to be safe during trying times in their life. The red evil eye protects the wearer, watching them while they go about their day. However, the gift is only suitable for people who understand the religious significance of the evil eye.

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