Resonates with Me – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you listening to a motivational speaker? If someone sitting next to you turns to you and says, “this resonates with me,” what do they mean?

This post unpacks everything you need to know about this idiomatic expression’s meaning, origin, and use.

Resonates with Me Meaning

The idiomatic phrase “resonates with me” is a symbolic statement meaning that something someone tells you or a message you see agrees with you at a fundamental level. It’s a confirming affirmation that you relate to what other people tell you or a specific action or scenario.

If something resonates with you, you have a deep connection to it with your character, and it makes sense to you at a deep level. Typically, if something resonates with you, it also increases your motivation around the event, person, or object.

To use the phrase correctly in professional settings, you’ll need to ensure the subject holds a deep meaning to the situation and the other parties involved. The topic should match the other people’s perceptions, desires, and experiences.

If you’re listening to a motivational speaker and you find yourself engaged in what they are saying to the point of the hairs on your neck standing up, then material resonates with you.

Resonates with Me Example Usage

“That speaker was amazing; what they were talking about really resonates with me.”

“I get what you’re saying, and it resonates with me.”

“People tell me that to be successful in business, I need to find a model that resonates with me.”

“I like what you’re saying; it resonates with me.”

“That idea resonates with me. I can get behind it.”

Resonates with Me Origin

Resonate” comes from the Latin, “resonare.” It means “to make a prolonged or echoing sound.” Some experts credit the phrase to the author, Chaucer. However, the word “resonate” appeared in the 17th century, long before Chaucer popularized it in his literary works.

However, Chaucer gets the credit for popularizing the use of “resonate” in modern language. The word went on to describe the science behind acoustics. Resonance refers to “the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection or by the synchronous vibration of a surrounding space or a neighboring object,” as per the official definition in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Resonance” and its adjective, “resonant,” first appeared in metaphorical use in language to suggest a person’s sympathy to an event or occurrence. By the start of the 20th century, the verb “resonate” was well-entrenched in language.

The first use of “resonate” in literary works appears in the works of H.G Wells in 1903.

“The men and women of wisdom, insight, and creation, as distinguished from those who merely resonate to the note of the popular mind.”

Phrases Similar to Resonates with Me

  • That speaks to me.
  • I understand what you mean.
  • I feel it deep in my bones.

Phrases Opposite to Resonates with Me

  • I don’t agree at all.
  • That doesn’t sit well with me.
  • That doesn’t gel with me.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Resonates with me.
  • Resonate with me.

Ways People May Say Resonates with Me Incorrectly

Some people may use the phrase incorrectly, misinterpreting the use of the word “resonate.” Some people may use it assuming that “to resonate” means to “bounce” or “deflect.” This is the incorrect meaning of the word and a common mistake when using it in language.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Resonates with Me

You can use the phrase “resonate with me” when trying to tell people that what they are saying agrees with you at a fundamental level. It’s a way of expressing that you have synergy with another person’s ideas, statements, or actions. The phrase suits use in social and professional settings.

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