WWG1WGA - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you browsing through right-wing posts on Twitter? If so, you’ll probably come across posts from the group “Qanon,” with the hashtag “#WWG1WGA.” What does this acronym mean, and how can you use it in conversation?

This post unpacks everything you need to know about the idiomatic acronym WWG1WGA. We’ll look at its origins and meaning and where it appears in social media.

WWG1WGA Idiom Meaning

WWG1WGA” is an abbreviation of the saying, “Where We Go One, We Go All,” coined by the “Qanon” movement. Qanon is a group of people dedicated to Donald Trump and the mysterious hidden government agent known as “Q.”

WWG1WGA” refers to support for Qanon as a collective in an attempt to show a force of many people gathering under a single banner, like Q in this case.

WWG1WGA” started as a hashtag on Twitter, and it is a way that Qanon members can search terms relating to their belief that Donald Trump is secretly in a battle with the “Deep State.” Qanon members believe that the leaders of the free world are pedophile megalomaniacs out to ruin the US economy and US family values.

Typically, members of Qanon hold conservative values, and they use the hashtag along with other common Qanon expressions such as “trust the plan.” Due to rampant censorship on social media platforms, the use of the term can sometimes result in a ban on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

WWG1WGA Example Usage

Qanon 1: “Did you see the Q drop last night? They’re calling for us to storm the capitol.”

Qanon 2: “Sounds like a trap to me, but WWG1WGA.”


Qanon 1: “Donald Trump is taking on the deep state of adrenochrome vampires and wants us to help.”

Qanon 2:  “Let’s do it, WWG1WGA.”


Qanon 1: “Let’s storm the capitol building and take back what’s ours.”

Qanon 2:  “let’s go! WWG1WGAl, they’ll never stop us all.”

WWG1WGA Idiom Origin

WWG1WGA” first appeared on Twitter, and in other online forums back in late 2017, early 2018. The rise of the Qanon movement in the US, spurred by the infamous “Q” led to many people adopting the phrase “WWG1WGA” to show support for the organization as a collective.

The WWG1WGA acronym first appeared on Twitter as a hashtag, spreading through right-wing groups affiliated with “Q.” It was often seen alongside the use of other Qanon terms like “trust the plan” and “Stop the Steal.”

No-one is certain of the identity of the mysterious “Q,” with people speculating that the person was a elected government official in a high position. Some suggested that Q could be Donald Trump himself, due to the accuracy of the high-level information leaked into the Qanon community.

WWG1WGA” is an umbrella hashtag used by the supporters ad members of the Qanon group, and it would frequently appear at the end of crazy tweets and conspiracies involving Qanon members.

Phrases Similar to WWG1WGA

  • Trust the plan.

Phrases Opposite to WWG1WGA

  • Black Lives Matter.
  • Any leftist saying.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Where we go one, we go all.

Ways People May Say WWG1WGA Incorrectly

WWG1WGA is a far-right term used by the Qanon cult. Therefore, you wouldn’t use it around left-leaning people, as it might start a confrontation with them. You also would not use the acronym when talking to someone in person.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase WWG1WGA

You can use WWG1WGA when you’re speaking to other Qanon or Donald Trump supporters. It’s a common phrase in online forums and in chats. However, you would use the entire phrase of “Where we go one, we go all” if you’re using it in physical conversation with someone.

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