Ring a Bell - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a way to get someone to recall information? Does it "ring a bell?" is a great way to get them to ponder their memory bank. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression "ring a bell" means that you're asking someone to recall previous information that's important at the moment. For instance, you could be a salesperson making a call to a client or asking your partner if they remember the name of the wedding planner your friend used.

It's a lighthearted way of asking someone if they can recall something, but it's not a big deal if they don't. Typically, you would use it to tone down your request, making the person feel more obliged to help you out.

Example Usage

"Hi Edward, this is Jordan over at Stratton Oakmont. Last week, I sent you a press pack with our company information; ring a bell?"

"Hi Karen, I called in last week about the new Subaru EV model, and I was the guy that won the prize; ring a bell?"

"Hi Mrs. Turner, it's Jim from Happy Life here. I called regarding the prescription service last week. Ring a bell?"

"Do you remember the company's name that handled the burst pipe last time? It was something like 24-hour plumbers. Ring a bell?"

"What was the name of that movie we watched on Netflix about the guy swimming with the octopus? You know, the one set in South Africa, ring a bell?"

"Where did we go on holiday in 2006? You know, it was that quaint town in the South of France with a name like Cassy. Ring a bell?"


The origin of the expression "ring a bell" comes from the early 20th century. Many people attribute the emergence of the phrase to the experiments of the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov. The scientist conducted his work in 1901, coinciding with the timeline for the narrative. However, some language experts believe the saying comes from a reiteration of another expression, "to have an inkling." In this case, many people use the phrase "have an inkling of a thought."

Some language experts also think that the phrase may have come from the aristocracy using bells to summon servants. The earliest reference to the use of the expression ion print comes from Lee Thayer's book, "Counterfeit," written in 1933.

"Wait a second, Ray... Why does that name ring a bell with you?"

Phrases Similar to Ring a Bell

  • Sound familiar?
  • Do you recall?
  • Anything coming up?

Phrases Opposite to Ring a Bell

  • Forgetful Freddie/Fannie.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Ring a bell?
  • Rings a bell?

Ways People May Say Ring a Bell Incorrectly

Some people may use the expression to refer to the physical action of ringing a bell. While Pavlov’s experiments did involve ringing a bell, it’s not the meaning of the phrase today.

The “bell” in the phrase would mean a memory, and the “ring” would be the action of recalling the information. The saying has nothing to do with ringing bells.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Ring a Bell

You can use “ring a bell” when trying to get someone to remember a previous event. The phrase suits social and professional use, and it’s good for getting people to recall something you or someone else said.

You could ask a prospective client if receiving your sales pack in the mail rings a bell at work. You could ask your partner if someone’s name rings a bell. The purpose of the phrase is to get the other party to stop and think if they can recall past information another person needs at the moment.

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