SFS – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Do you want to grow your social media presence? You could DM an influencer and ask them if they’re interested in collaborating with you on an ‘SFS’ campaign. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this acronym.


The acronym ‘SFS’ stands for ‘Shoutout For Shoutout.’ In social media marketing, a ‘shoutoutmentions a sponsor, another influencer, a brand, or a product in your social media content strategy. In an ‘SFS‘ campaign, influencers or brands exchange shoutouts with each other to help them grow their business.

Typically, an SFS campaign will take place between two influencers or brands in different niches that are somehow interrelated. For example, a fitness influencer should conduct an SFS campaign with a supplement company or gym.

Example Usage

“Hey there, love your content. I just wanted to see if you’re up for an SFS. I think we can leverage our audiences and grow our accounts if we team up.”

“Let me know if you’re keen on an SFS or another collaboration we can do on social media. It’s the best way to get exposure to new audiences online.”

“I asked this influencer if they would do an SFS with me. They told me I don’t have enough followers to try again when I hit the million mark.”

“Do me a favor and reach out to that brand on Twitter. Ask them if they want to collaborate on an SFS deal. I’m sure they are keen to come onboard.”

“We need to build our followers. I think we should start an SFS campaign. Let’s identify the top influencers in the market and send them a DM.”

“An SFS strategy is a great way to improve your digital marketing results. Make sure you work with the right influencer, so you don’t damage your reputation.”

“I need to get more attention online. I’m going to start reaching out to brands and influencers to see if they collaborate on an SFS campaign with me.”


Language experts cannot pinpoint who coined the acronym ‘SFS’ or when it first appeared in the English lexicon. However, many suggest it originates from the introduction of Instagram and its swelling popularity in 2013 and 2014.

Around 2013, marketers started shifting toward digital marketing strategies on social media, and we saw the rise of the influencer. Marketers began using outreach strategies to contact other influencers, asking them to collaborate on projects. This highly effective digital marketing strategy leads many people to use it to grow their online businesses.

Influencers will contact each other via ‘Direct Message’ (DM) through the social media platform. A DM is a private text message to the influencer, and it follows the social guidelines of text messaging, including the use of abbreviations and acronyms to shorten specific words or phrases that are tiresome to spell out in their entirety. The first SFS entry in the Urban Dictionary was in 2014.

Phrases Similar to SFS

  • N/A.

Phrases Opposite to SFS

  • N/A.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • SFS.
  • Shoutout for Shoutout.

Ways People May Say SFS Incorrectly

‘SFS’ or ‘Shoutout for Shoutout’ is a social media acronym designed for use between influencers and brands. Most normal users of social media don’t have any use for this acronym. Typically, it’s used in digital marketing strategy to assist the marketer with their outreach to other brands and influencers.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase SFS

You can use the acronym ‘SFS’ on social media. ‘Shoutout for Shoutout’ usually occurs between influencers or brands online. It’s a way of collaborating on a promotional campaign that attracts more followers to your account. You’ll use it with other influencers and brands in your niche, helping you build a community on the social media platform.

The acronym ‘SFS’ started on Instagram, but you can use it on any social media platform. Usually, users will send a direct message (DM) to other influencers with an ‘SFS’ request. You’ll post a ‘shoutout’ in your content to promote the influencer or brand, and they do the same for you.

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