There’s a Snake in My Boot – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Have you heard someone say that “there’s a snake in my boot”? You’re in for an exciting ride — the meaning of this phrase can, depending on the context, range from incredibly wholesome to… much less so.

Join us for a deeper exploration of the meaning and origins of this saying to decide whether you’re brave enough to try using it yourself.


“There’s a snake in my boot” was one of the catchphrases uttered by Woody, the cowboy of Toy Story fame. The meaning is unclear in this context — it could refer to the possibility of snakes literally creeping into cowboys’ boots while they were sleeping, or have something to do with alcoholism-induced hallucinations that they might also have suffered from.

In a modern context, the phrase “there’s a snake in my boot” can also be used to indicate that your penis is extremely large, and to be more specific, so large it reaches your shoes. Occasionally, the saying may refer to someone being a pain in your backside, too.

Example Usage

  • “There’s a snake in my boot!” (As uttered by Woody himself.)
  • You’re asking how my date went? Let’s just say there’s a snake in his boot, girlfriend!
  • You think yours is big? Mine’s so huge there’s practically a snake in my boot.
  • My boss has been a real snake in my boot lately. She keeps complaining that I show up late and demands that I work overtime. (In this context, “snake in my boot” means “annoyance”.)


“There’s a snake in my boot” unquestionably emerged with the famous 1995 Pixar movie Toy Story, in which the toy cowboy character woody, one of the movie’s protagonists, would utter this phrase when a draw string on his back was pulled. It is not clear whether the screen writers had any particular vision as to what this phrase was supposed to mean.

However, it is conceivable that actual cowboys might have taken their cowboy boots off while sleeping out in a desert, and woken up to find a snake in one of them. Alternatively, it is sometimes said that heavily intoxicated cowboys might have began to hallucinate venomous snakes as a result of alcohol-induced deliriums.

As Toy Story was a kids’ movie, Pixar is unlikely to have been referencing that possibility.

Over time, “there’s a snake in my boot” grew quite popular as a meme format, featuring images of Woody with the caption “there’s a snake in my boot”. In many cases, the images of Woody show the character disfigured, sometimes only showing his head and leg, with a snake sticking out of his boot.

As the phrase “there’s a snake in my boot” captured internet users’ imaginations, it began to refer to (supposedly) extraordinarily large penises, as well — so big that they reached the owner’s boot.

“There’s a snake in my boot” was first mentioned, in connection with this particular meaning, on Urban Dictionary in 2017.

Another meaning was also introduced, this time that “a snake in my boot” (which would undoubtedly be an annoyance if it happened) referred to someone who annoys you or is a pain in your backside. This particular usage is uncommon.

Incidentally, there’s also a song called “There’s a Snake in My Boot”, released by Anchor the Tide in 2011.

Phrases Similar to There’s a Snake in My Boot

If you want to talk about a large penis, you could, instead of “there’s a snake in my boot”, also say:

  • Anaconda
  • Ding-a-ling
  • Fire hose

If you want to say someone’s annoying you and you’re looking for a comparable term, you could go with “pain in the ass”.

Phrases Opposite to There’s a Snake in My Boot

The opposite of a large male organ would be a “micropeen”, if you are looking for a slang term.

What Is the Correct Saying?

“There’s a snake in my boot” or, if you are referring to someone else, “there’s a snake in his boot”.

Acceptable Ways to Say There’s a Snake in My Boot

If you’re in polite company, stick to Toy Story. Otherwise, you can use the phrase “there’s a snake in my boot” to brag about your extremely large penis.

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