Zooted – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking at someone who has a stoned expression? Maybe they look high and out of touch with reality? You could say they are "zooted," and they have no idea what they're doing. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


If a person looks "zooted," they are typically "spaced out" and not in touch with their surroundings. They are slow to react to environmental stimuli, and they appear like they are in a dazed or confused mental state.

Being zooted means that you are "high" on drugs. It's a way of saying that someone is abusing pain medication, prescription drugs, cannabis, and many other illegal narcotics. However, you would not call someone that's drunk "zooted."

You're usually not doing anything intensive if you're zooted, like lifting heavy machinery. You're most likely chilling on the couch watching some Netflix with a big bag of chips. Being "zooted" means focusing on the present and your current mental state. You're not thinking about the past or making plans for the future.

Being zooted means that you're a drug user, and you enjoy getting high on drugs. Some users may have a tendency to use one drug more than others. However, they all have the effect of getting you "zooted."

Example Usage

Man, I’m feeling so zooted right now. I need something to satisfy the munchies. Don’t you have some Cheetos or anything to snack on?”

“I met this girl, and we went to the bathroom to do some blow. I’m feeling so zooted right now I can barely sit still.”

“There’s no harm in getting a little zooted now and again. But if you’re doing it every day, you have a problem, and you need professional help.”

“Why does Mike look so zooted right now? Is he doing drugs or something? He looks so out of it like he’s a different person.”

“We’ve been sitting on the couch smoking bongs all evening, and I feel so zooted right now. I think I’m going to pass out.”

“Jeepers, I’m so zooted. This guy gave me a pill about an hour ago, and I think it’s starting to kick in because I’m seeing double of everything.”

“Those Xannies have me feeling so zooted I think I could pass out right now.”


The expression “zooted” has unknown origins. However, language experts believe it appeared in English somewhere in the late nineties. It’s a term associated with the rise of Cannabis culture on the West Coast of the United States. In the early 2000s, LA was a mecca for the reformation of cannabis legislation.

As a result, cannabis culture exploded around California and LA, with its use starting to increase and permeate popular culture. As a result, cannabis use started entering mainstream media in the late nineties. It was common for people in media productions like films and movies to refer to themselves as “zooted” instead of the traditional “stoned.”

The first entry of the expression into the Urban Dictionary was in January 2004.

Phrases Similar to Zooted

  • Stoned.
  • Blitzed.
  • Blazed.
  • Tripping.
  • Rushing.
  • Rolling.

Phrases Opposite to Zooted

  • Sober.
  • Clear-headed.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Zooted.

Ways People May Say Zooted Incorrectly

Some people may apply the term “zooted” to mean people under the influence of alcohol. This expression better suits people using illegal or legal substances other than alcohol. Using the word to describe that you feel drunk is somewhat incorrect.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Zooted

You can use the phrase “zooted” when you’re describing someone that’s high or when you’re telling people that you intend to get high. Typically, the term refers to narcotics, like cannabis, prescription pills, and cocaine. However, it’s possible to get zooted off of other substances as well.

The phrase suits use in social conversation. You could tell your buddy that you feel zooted after spending all evening on the couch smoking weed. You could say that another person looks zooted on the dancefloor because they are dancing aggressively.

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