4Lifers – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking at ‘4Lifer’ videos on TikTok? What does this term mean? Are they talking about a life sentence in jail?

This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this viral expression.


The expression ‘4Lifers’ means people like family and friends that mean a lot to you in life. They are the people you care about most and would drop anything to help when they need it.

4Lifers are friends that stay with you for life and lasting social relationships that carry through the years.

If you post a video with ‘4Lifers,’ you usually include your immediate or extended family or close friends. You wouldn’t include random people or people that don’t mean a great deal to you in the ‘4Lifer’ category.

4Lifers are people that mean the world to you. They are people that you would die for, and if they called you at 3AM when you’re fast asleep, asking for help, you wouldn’t hesitate to help them out. The term may also be abbreviated to ‘4L’ on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Example Usage

“Just out here with my family. The real 4Lifers that we all know and love in our lives are irreplaceable. Make sure you do something for your fam today. #4Lifers.”

“Who really matters in your life? Who is there for you in your time of need when everyone else turns away? Those people that stick around are the real #4Lifers.”

“My homeboys are my source of inspiration, and we ride or die until the end. Shout out to those peeps in your life that always stand by you. #4Lifers.”

My partner and my kids are the real #4Lifers. I’ll do anything for them. I’m always there to help them with anything they need in life.”

“Who is in your corner when you need them? Who can you turn to when everyone else walks away? #4Lifers.”

“The crew, the homies, the fam. These are the #4Lifers, and I’m down with them until the day I leave this earth.”

“Who are the #4Lifers in your life? When days are dark, friends are few. So who sticks around to help, and who watches you burn?”

“Everybody needs to have 4Lifers ready to back them up when things get rough. Who are the people you depend on and turn to when things fall apart?”


The expression ‘4Lifers’ originates from a viral trend on TikTok. Originally posted in a video by user ‘@boobackbaby,’ and the rapper and producer ‘Lucki.’ The video features the duo making the following statement.

“What we is? 4lifersss!”

Other users started using @boobackbaby’s soundbite in their TikTok videos, building the ‘4Lifers’ trend on the platform. It’s popular with the hip hop community and other youth demographics in the United States. The phrase experienced plenty of traction and spread to other platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Phrases Similar to 4Lifers

  • Family.
  • Close friends.
  • Besties.

Phrases Opposite to 4Lifers

  • Acquaintances.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • 4Lifers.

Ways People May Say 4Lifers Incorrectly

The term ‘4Lifers’ doesn’t apply to people that are acquaintances. Using it to describe your colleagues at work would be incorrect. If you change jobs, you’ll likely never hear from your colleagues again unless you have a close relationship with a few of them. 4Lifers describes people that you’ll know for your entire life. Using the term to refer to casual friends is incorrect.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase 4Lifers

You can use the phrase ‘4Lifers’ when referring to your immediate or extended family or close friends. The term describes someone who will be in your life until the end. The phrase suits social use and is a viral hashtag on Instagram and TikTok.

The term ‘4Lifers’ applies to people you like and don’t like, but it generally describes positive life relationships. Thousands of memes online, images on Instagram, and videos on TikTok use the hashtag #4Lifers to contribute to the viral trend.

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