Accountant (TikTok) – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Accountants are said to have one of the least exciting jobs possible. If someone at a birthday party told you that they were an accountant, you would probably not ask for further details. "Accountants", in the TikTok sense, make full use of this fact. Read on to discover what a TikTok accountant is.


The TikTok slang "accountant" is a euphemism for someone who works in the sex industry. This can include porn stars, strippers, and those who engage in webcamming, among other concepts.

The term was popularized in 2020, when a content made a song in which he described telling people he was an accountant when asked what his job is, in order to avoid being questioned about his career as a struggling actor.

At this point, the term "accountant" is so well-known on TikTok that actual accountants — those who crunch numbers and manage financial assets — have trouble talking about their work without strange comments on the platform.

"Accountant" has also spread beyond TikTok, and is used by OnlyFans creators as well as others in the adult industry.

​Example Usage

The following examples can shed further light on the ways in which the term "accountant" is used on TikTok and beyond:

  • "#accountant #OF #makeitrain" (As TikTok hashtags to refer to work in the adult industry.)
  • "I am pretty sure that girl down the street is an accountant, if you get my drift."
  • "Oh, I have a very boring job. I am an accountant."
  • "The TikTok hashtag #accountant started with Rocky Pattera, whose song 'I'm an accountant' went viral on the platform."


Working as an accountant — in the original sense of the word, describing a professional who manages finances — has long been seen as one of the most tedious jobs around. Accountants themselves tend to agree, as research has shown that over 60 percent of accountants are bored at work.

Claiming to work as an accountant can, therefore, be seen as a "quick getaway" when someone who doesn't want to talk about their work is asked what they do for a living.

The TikTok creator Rocky Paterra (@rockysroad) made a song about doing precisely this in 2020. The song, which went viral among people who work in the adult industry, is called "I'm an accountant". "Nobody asks you questions when you say you're an accountant", he explains in the short song.

Shortly after the song became famous on TikTok, those who work in the adult industry began to embrace the term "accountant" to describe their professions.

Urban Dictionary entries ranging from 2005 to 2016 define "accountant" in humorous ways that allude to the word's original meaning. From 2020, however, Urban Dictionary started gaining entries in which "accountants" were described as people who work as porn stars, strippers, or on OnlyFans.

​Words Similar to Accountant

Should you be looking for other words with similar meanings to the euphemistic "accountant" on TikTok, you could try:

  • Sex worker
  • Porn actor
  • Stripper
  • OnlyFans creator

Words Opposite to Accountant

The TikTok slang "accountant", meaning someone who is engaged in the adult industry, does not have any direct antonyms. "Accountant" is, in a sense, its own antonym — while accounting is considered to be a dull but socially-acceptable profession, "accountants" are engaged in work that is taboo.

​What Is the Correct Word?

The correct word is "accountant". In TikTok slang, "accountant" means someone who works in the sex industry.

​Ways People May Say Accountant Incorrectly

Anyone who intends to use the word "accountant" in the way it is currently being used on TikTok should, of course, be aware that the mainstream meaning of the word remains "someone who prepares and analyzes financial records".

Any actual accountants who wish to talk about their jobs on TikTok should also be hyper-aware that this words has an entirely different meaning on the platform.

​Acceptable Ways to Phrase Accountant

You can use the word "accountant" to talk about work in the adult industry on TikTok. Indeed, you could try whether telling someone that you are an accountant when you don't want to talk about your work has the effect Rocky Paterra talked about.

Who knows, though — if "accountant" spread beyond TikTok, real accountants might have to start calling themselves bookkeepers or financial managers to avoid being suspected of sex work.

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