Chupagetti – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Have you seen the term 'chupagetti' on social media websites like TikTok and need to know what the rest of the joke is? Comments asking for (or posting) the recipe to 'chupagetti' are everywhere, and usually posted with no context. This post unpacks the origin and meaning of this term.


The meaning of 'chupagetti' is a portmanteau of two different words to create one with another meaning. The term 'chupagetti' is a combination of the Spanish word “chupa” to mean 'suck' and the word “spaghetti”.

'Chupagetti' is a recipe that theoretically does not exist, but one that internet users deliberately keep referencing, or posting actual recipes to.

The term is often used as a comment or hashtag on social media websites like TikTok, where the term is usually given with little to no context that has anything to do with the discussion.

The term can also be used as a question or longer nested comment, where a user either asks for the recipe to chupagetti, or claims to post it in a comment. It is most commonly accepted that there is no single dish actually called Chupagetti.

Even though the term isn't an actual dish, users have commonly posted cake and brownie recipes when referencing chupagetti.

'Chupagetti' has since become a means of deliberately trolling others on social media platforms, similar in use to other internet phenomenon of the type like Rick Rolling.

The term could be related to copy-pasta, a phenomenon whereby the same content is coped-and-pasted directly from another resource – much like the fictional recipe for the dish chupagetti.

Example Usage

“My grandmother asked me what I wanted for breakfast this morning, but since she also thought I was her ex-husband I just told her I would love to eat some chupagetti and hoped she would forget about the whole thing in five minutes.”

“Hey guys, what's the recipe for chupagetti?”

“You're going to need flour, butter, sugar, milk and some eggs and you can make your own chupagetti.”

“I'm going to see one more comment or status about the chupagetti recipe and I swear, I'll just leave social media for good.”


A possible given origin for the term 'chupagetti' is credited to TikTok user and comedian Tyrona Tiaga, who is said to have come up with the term for use in video skits that he posted to his TikTok and YouTube accounts in 2021.

The term 'chupagetti' soon became popular as a means of internet trolling, where users would comment asking for a recipe or posting one. Users continued to discuss the term 'chupagetti' and only increased its use, even though it does not refer to an actual dish (but only copied and pasted recipes that soon flooded comments).

Most recipes posted to the fictional 'chupagetti' are just simple recipes for cake or brownies, often recipes that are 'copy-pasta' from other resources.

The term has since become both popular and hated on websites like TikTok, where it is similar to  the troll “How do magnets work?” or to “Rick rolling”.

Phrases Similar to Chupagetti

  • Krusty Burger

Phrases Opposite to Chupagetti

  • N/a

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Chupagetti
  • Does anyone have the recipe for chupagetti?

Ways People May Say Chupagetti Incorrectly

There are several different ways in which someone could use the term 'chupagetti' in the wrong way.

The most common incorrect use or misunderstanding of 'chupagetti' is by people who just don't understand the use or the context.

This in itself fulfills the point of the term 'chupagetti', since it works as a deliberate internet troll that capitalizes on the fact that others don't understand it actually means nothing.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Chupagetti

The right way to use 'chupagetti' is to employ it as a deliberate troll to confuse or annoy other social media users.

A user can just comment the term 'chupagetti', or post a recipe or request for chupagetti even though it does not technically exist.

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