Story Time – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Have you seen the term 'story time' on social media websites and need some context behind this popular hashtag or comment? The term 'story time' is used to group stories by topic so that users can find this tag with ease. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this term.


The term 'story time' is a common comment, status and hashtag that can appear together with content on most social media platforms, including TikTok and YouTube.

When someone comments the term 'story time' on anything, the term often appears without any context to explain what the term means. Much like other TikTok terms, ones like 'story time' or 'crop' might just be something that other users comment on its own.

A comment or tag that says 'story time' is often used to group posts together so that other users can find accompanying or similar posts with more ease.

Comments that say 'story time' on a post might also ask that someone posts the longer story to explain the context of the content.

The term 'story time' can also be used to mean that it is time for a story, and the user announces the term to begin their narrative.

Content that is posted with a longer narrative or a plot can also be tagged with the term 'story time' to group it into a specific category for users to find.

The term 'story time' is usually only used as a singular term and a plural almost never appears.

Example Usage

“What happened with that grandmother who stuck her poodle in the freezer? Does anybody know? #storytime”

“Let's get together to talk about some of the weirdest things that we might have ever seen on the internet. #storytime”

“Hey guys, I think it's time for #storytime to find out what happened to Red Riding Hood on TikTok last week.”

“I found this picture of my mother, and I think it's story time. I want to know why my mother was wearing an octopus on her head in the seventies.”


The origins of the term 'story time' go much further back than the term's modern use on social media websites like TikTok.

The term 'story time' has been in popular use since the early beginnings of recorded books, where many fables and legends would indicate in its text that this was “story time” and thus the tale was about to begin.

The term 'story time' would become a more popular, common tag on the website TikTok and others.

Originally meant as a way for users to ask others to post the context behind specific videos or images, the term 'story time' fast made its way around as a comment and tag in 2021.

Most recorded uses of the term 'story time' are posted after 2021, though some earlier uses of it exist on the internet that predates its popular TikTok use.

After its common use was absorbed into the TikTok platform, the term 'story time' would spill over to other social media websites and become common elsewhere.

Phrases Similar to Story Time

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Phrases Opposite to Story Time

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What is the Correct Saying?

  • Story Time
  • story time
  • Story time

Ways People May Say Story Time Incorrectly

The term 'story time' can be used in the wrong way anywhere someone doesn't understand the context, or uses the term as a tag with content that is irrelevant.

The term 'story time' asks for context around content, or explains that a story with a strong narrative is about to begin.

'Story time' is used as a singular term, with no plural use common for it.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Story Time

The correct way to phrase the tag or keyword 'story time' is to use it when a narrative is being indicated, or when a post is meant to be grouped under other stories that might be tagged with the term 'story time' for other users.

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