FYP – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking to find a word or term that might be statistically known as one of the best performing hashtags on social media in the 21st Century? You could just use the term 'FYP' to save yourself a lot of keyword research.

This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this popular tag and internet term.


The term 'FYP' is a popular hashtag and text-based abbreviation that is used as a shorter way to say For-You(r)-Page. Sometimes the term is written in capitals, while the term can also be used without and just written as 'fyp'.

The term 'FYP' is one that is most common seen on social media profiles or posts, where it is used as a hashtag or tag to accompany videos.

When something is tagged with 'FYP', then it means that the post is tagged as “for your page” and might appear in searches for other posts with the same tag. It can mean that a post is meant for someone's page, who is then tagged after the usage of 'FYP'.

On social media websites like TikTok, people often use the term 'FYP' to mark posts in the hopes of getting them featured on other FYP reels. Using FYP is a way to attempt increased hits by using a common tag that others might search for.

Sometimes the term 'FYP' can also be used in a conversation, where it is just used as an abbreviation that means exactly what it says: “For your page.”

Other, similar hashtags include 'foryou' and 'foryourpage'.

Example Usage

“I downloaded some great pictures of beetroot from the internet yesterday. I didn't know what to do with them myself, but since I know that you run a consistent root vegetable blog, maybe you could use some of these FYP.”

“If you're going to ban people from your page, make sure that you state in the page, group or website rules which type of posts aren't meant FYP.”

“The internet can be a dark place. I saw some really awful things, and just sent them to you. That's your thing, and they might be a better fit FYP.”

“They had every kind of waffle over at The Waffle House. Red waffles, green waffles, yellow waffles. You might want to post something about their blue colored waffles TYP for other people who like waffles just as much as you do.”


The term 'FYP' traces its early origins and most probably its very first use back to the origins of the social media website TikTok.

'FYP' refers to a specific TikTok page where users' own posts tagged with this term are found. The popularity of this page led to other users marking their own posts as 'FYP' to increase the potential views.

The name 'FYP' refers to an algorithm used by TikTok, but the term was quickly adapted by users and used as their own tags.

Even though the term 'FYP' originates from TikTok first, it has spread to other social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

The very first hashtag was #barcamp, created by Chris Messina in 2007. TikTok has been live on the internet since the year 2016.

The very first use of the term 'TYP' can be traced back to TikTok, but also originates partially back to the use of the first hashtag itself.

Phrases Similar to FYP

  • foryou
  • foryourpage
  • explorepage

Phrases Opposite to FYP

  • forme
  • privatepost
  • onlyme

What is the Correct Saying?

  • FYP
  • fyp
  • #FYP

Ways People May Say FYP Incorrectly

The term 'FYP' can also have other meanings on the internet, including to mean “fixed your post” when an administrator or fellow user has corrected something.

Sometimes, the term 'fyp' can also make an appearance on adult websites as a tag where it does not mean either 'fixed your post' or 'for your page'.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase FYP

The term 'fyp' was made to be used as a hashtag or tag.

It can be added to the tags that accompany any post on the internet where its usage could be relevant, but it can also be used to mean 'for your page' as an abbreviation during a conversation or instant message.

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