AMRAP – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Did a friend invite you to the gym for an AMRAP CrossFit workout?

This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this acronym.


The acronym ‘AMRAP’ stands for ‘As Many Repetitions As Possible.’ It’s a part of the CrossFit training system and a common workout posted on the CrossFit website. The ‘AMRAP’ workout can involve various exercise combinations for as many reps as possible in a certain fixed period.

AMRAP workouts are designed as ‘high-intensity’ exercises. That means you need to complete them as fast as possible. Typically, the tempo in AMRAP workouts is high, and athletes struggle to finish the final rounds of the workout.

If you’re heading for the gym to try an AMRAP workout, there’s a good chance you could end up meeting ‘Pukey the Clown.’ Pukey is another CrossFit meme describing CrossFitters that puke during high-intensity workouts, like AMRAPs.

Example Usage

“Okay, we’re going to do an AMRAP workout today. The program calls for burpees, pullups, and a 100-foot sled pull. Let’s see how many rounds we get in two minutes.”

“I went to the gym and trained with Mike last night. He put me through an AMRAP workout that made me sick. I almost puked by the end of it.”

“AMRAP workouts are notoriously hard. Beginners can try them, but be careful with your form during the final rounds.”

“Ever since I started doing AMRAP workouts, I find my cardio has improved significantly. I’m quite pleased with my recent progress.”

“Let’s get to the gym and finish this AMRAP workout. I just want to get it out of the way. I don’t even feel like training today.”

“Let’s push ourselves at the gym today. I’ve wanted to try an AMRAP workout for a while, and I think today is the day we give it a go.”


The expression ‘AMRAP’ originates from the CrossFit workout system developed by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai in 2000. Glen and Lauren opened their first CrossFit gym in Santa Cruz in 2001, posting workouts on their internet message board and website.

The workouts were adopted by members of the military and law enforcement as a way to stay fit and in shape. Over the next decade, CrossFit saw a massive uptick in global adoption, with CrossFit ‘Boxes’ opening in cities across the world.

Today there are over an estimated two million people using the CrossFit system.

Glassman received total control over CrossFit LLC in 2012 after his divorce from Jenai. Jenai sold her share of the business to Glassman for $16 million.

Phrases Similar to AMRAP

  • EMOM.

Phrases Opposite to AMRAP

  • N/A.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • AMRAP.
  • As Many Repetitions As Possible.

Ways People May Say AMRAP Incorrectly

The term 'AMRAP' only applies to CrossFit. It's not a military term and has no military or law enforcement reference. However, many military and law enforcement members use the CrossFit system to stay in shape.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase AMRAP

You can use the acronym 'AMRAP' when discussing CrossFit workout principles with friends at the gym or online in forums and chat rooms dedicated to the sport. CrossFit is a global phenomenon and one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. So, you're sure to find a CrossFit gym in any ton you visit, along with dedicated practitioners that understand the glossary of terms applying to the sport.

You'll use 'AMRAP' to describe a specific workout structure you want to follow for the day. An AMRAP workout is one of the most challenging in CrossFit and every CrossFitter worst nightmare. Just make sure you don't meet 'Pukey the Clown.'

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