As Per Your Request - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you checking your emails, and you find a message from your subordinates titled “As per your request,” what does this mean? We’ll unpack the meaning and origin of this expression to give you a better understanding of its use in conversation.

As Per Your Request Meaning

As per your request” is a phrase appearing in business writing, and it also has a use in verbal interactions with people you respect or with higher social standing, such as your boss. The phrase serves as a formal reply to an inquiry or request from another person.

The “per” in the phrase refers to “in accordance with” or “according to.” However, both are somewhat business-speak, and it might not sound right to use them in a social or informal setting.

The phrase might seem overly formal for use in social conversations or communications. For instance, you might come across as pompous if your mom asks you if you finished your homework or set the table for dinner, and you reply with “as per your request.”

The phrase also sounds grammatically incorrect, and it has little use in everyday conversation. Most people prefer to use the variation, “as you requested,” which offers a more palatable approach to stating the same thing.

As Per Your Request Example Usage

“Sir, I have the documents in order, as per your request.”

“We told the kids to stop playing outside the mansion, as per your request. The next time they arrive, we’ll call the police.”

“I went through the entire archive, as per your request, but I didn’t find anything.”

“The Bentley is pulling around to the front of the hotel, ma’am, as per your request.”

“We’re setting up the venue for the event, and there will be bottled water on every table, as per your request.”

As per your request, please find the reference materials attached to this email. Kind regards.”

As Per Your Request Origin

There is no official information on the origin of the saying, “as per your request.” However, many language experts believe it infiltrated language with the adoption of contract law and business writings at the turn of the 1800s.

Some experts believe that the phrase would only see mass adoption in the 1920s, as the world moved towards formalized writing between companies and business partners.

The phrase would be a reply to a request made by a senior authority in social circles or at work and a polite way of telling someone that you adhered to their request in a timeous manner.

Phrases Similar to As Per Your Request

  • Per your request.
  • As (you) requested.
  • In accordance with your request.
  • According to your request.

Phrases Opposite to As Per Your Request

  • Do it yourself.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • As per your request.

Ways People May Say As Per Your Request Incorrectly

Some people may use the phrase “as per your request” in modern language. However, most people use the updated, current version, “as you requested.” “As per your request” is a formal saying, and using it in social settings may have you come off as sarcastic or pompous.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase As Per Your Request

You can use the phrase “as per your request” in formal language. It suits use in professional situations more than social conversation. However, you can use it in social settings where you are trying to make yourself sound pompous or you’re trying to get a laugh out of someone. In professional settings, you can use the phrase in emails and when speaking to colleagues, management, or clients. The term is also suitable for sarcastic use in professional and social conversations.

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