Give my Regards - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you chatting with a friend? If you tell them that you're going to see someone they know later that afternoon, they might ask you to "give my regards" to that person, but what do they mean?

This post unpacks everything you need to know about this idiomatic expression's meaning, origin, and use.

Give my Regards Meaning

The phrase "give my regards" means to pass along pleasantries and greetings to another friend or person you respect through the person you are talking to at the moment. For instance, you could be talking to a friend that knows another one of your friends or someone you respect and ask them to "give my regards" to the other person when they see them.

The other person you're referencing with the phrase will also know who you are, and they will likely accept your gesture. It's a great way to keep you on the top of the mind of the third party you're referencing, which is why it's such a popular phrase in business language.

Typically, "give my regards" is a more formal way of saying "tell them I say hi." However, you can also use "give my regards" in social conversations when referencing someone with higher social standing than you.

Give my Regards Example Usage

"Give my regards to John. It's months since I saw him last."

"If you see Ray this afternoon, please give my regards. I didn't manage to make it to the funeral last week."

"Ok, we'll pick this up again next week. Please give my regards to the family."

"Thank you for spending time with us today. Please give my regards to your wife and thank her for the delicious apple pie."

Give my Regards Origin

You'll use the phrase "give my regards" when speaking to someone who will see or contact other people you know later in the day or the coming days. For instance, if your friend is going to see another friend later that afternoon, you could tell them to "give my regards" as a way to remind the other person that you are thinking about them.

The phrase is common in modern language and suits professional and social use. For instance, if you're speaking to a customer and know their partner, you could tell them to "give my regards" as a polite way of saying you care about their life and family.

You'll usually use the phrase when you have high regard for the person you're talking to and the person you wish to extend your regards to. It's another way of saying you have a high opinion of the other individual.

Phrases Similar to Give my Regards

  • Send my regards.
  • Pass my regards.
  • Tell them I say hi.

Phrases Opposite to Give my Regards

  • Don't tell them anything.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Give my regards.

Ways People May Say Give my Regards Incorrectly

The phrase "give my regards" is common in formal business writing. While you can use it in casual conversation with someone you know, it may come across as inauthentic to them.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Give my Regards

You can use the phrase "give my regards" in professional and social settings. The term is common in business writing when you tell someone to pass along your regards to another person. You can use "give my regards" in social settings as well when you're telling a friend to "say hi" to someone else, with a less formal-sounding approach. The phrase also suits sarcastic use when telling someone that you don't care about the other person or their business.

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