Bellissimo – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a word to express the beauty in life? You could use the Italian term “Bellissimo” to share your appreciation of beauty in anything in life. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression “Bellissimo” means to appreciate the beauty in life. There are many ways you can use the phrase. If you’re on vacation and enter a beautiful fjord in your boat, you could marvel at the natural landscape and use “Bellissimo!” to exclaim your appreciation of the beauty.

The phrase also means that you appreciate the good looks of a beautiful woman or a beautiful man. “Bellissimo” refers to a beautiful woman, and “Bellissima” refers to a beautiful man. You can use “Bellissimo” to show appreciation for many other amazing life experiences.

If someone serves you a plate of delicious food, you could exclaim “Bellissimo” at the end of the meal, showing your appreciation for your host. Using “Bellissimo” means that you find the beauty in life and appreciate it so much that you’re willing to share it with others.

Example Usage

“My family's name is ‘Bellissimo,’ and we’re originally from Italy. My dad says it's my name that’s the reason for my beauty.”

“This place is fantastic. The air is so clean, the hotel is amazing, and that view from the balcony? Bellissimo!”

“Thank you for having us over for dinner. The conversation was great, and the wine was delicious, but the food? Bellissimo!”

“Look at that girl over there. She’s supermodel material, Bellissimo! Do you think I have a shot if I go up to her and ask her on a date?”

“I’ve had a lot of craft beers in my time, and most people add too much yeast to get it to brew faster. But you’re is excellent, and tastes great, Bellissimo! Well done on a good brew.”

“Life is good at the moment. The family is happy and healthy, and the business is doing well. Bellissimo, I feel blessed to have a beautiful life.”


The expression "Bellissimo" has Italian roots. It's a family name extending back centuries, and it's also one of the largest American-Italian families in the United States. "Bellissimo" translates to beautiful, so the family name would mean "beautiful people."

The word came across to the United States and other Italian-American cultural sayings brought into the US by Italian Immigrants. Italians use "Bellissimo" to describe the beauty in life in many scenarios. While it's also a family name, there is no direct connection between it and the origin of "Bellissimo."

Phrases Similar to Bellissimo

  • Stupendo.
  • Magnifico.
  • Molto bello.

Phrases Opposite to Bellissimo

  • Terrible.
  • Hideous.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Bellissimo.

Ways People May Say Bellissimo Incorrectly

The phrase “Bellissimo” is also a common surname for American-Italian families. However, the name's heritage doesn’t have anything to do with the meaning of the word. Using it to describe a region of Italy or an Italian family is the less-common use of the word.

It’s also common for people to confuse the male and female versions of the word when addressing people. Bellissimo refers to a female, while Bellissima is the male version of the saying.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Bellissimo

You can use the phrase “Bellissimo” when referring to someone beautiful. Typically, the Italians use it when describing a beautiful woman. However, there are several applications for the saying. You can use it to describe a spectacular sunset or a delicious meal. Essentially, it means that something is “beautiful,” “magnificent,” or “wonderful.”

The phrase suits social use, but you can use it with tact in professional settings. For example, if you on a jewelry store, you could use it to describe the beauty of the pieces in your collection. You could use the expression to recognize the beauty of a woman you see at the club, or you could use it to describe the amazing landscape around the hotel while you’re on vacation.

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