Hermosa – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a word to describe an attractive Latin-American woman? You could call her a “Hermosa” as a compliment. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression “Hermosa” describes a young, attractive Latin-American woman. Some people may also use it to describe beautiful women of any ethnicity. If you see a beautiful girl walking by, you might remark to your friends that she’s a “Hermosa” and wish she was your girlfriend.

You would likely use “Hermosa” to describe all beautiful women if you have Latin-American descent. People that are not of Latin-American descent would use the word to describe beautiful Latin-American women.

The phrase suits descriptions of other beautiful nouns, like property or a sunset. Hermosa is also a surname in Spanish-speaking communities. The surname can apply to men and women. The phrase is exclusive to women, and you can’t use “Hermosa” to describe a good-looking man.

Example Usage

"look at that girl walking over there. She is a real Hermosa and so hot. I would give anything to be with her."

"That girl is a smoke show, a real Hermosa. I bet she has every guy in the bar looking at her right now, including us."

"There's something about the look of a Latin-American woman that is so sexy. That girl there is a great example; she's a real Hermosa."

"How on earth did you land that Hermosa. That girl is beautiful, and she's way out of your league. Tell me your secret."

"If I had to choose one look for my type, I'm going for a Hermosa every time. Hot Latin women are the sexiest girls alive."

"Martin's sister is a real Hermosa. She's definitely the best-looking one of his three sisters and a real hottie."

"Wow, guy. I have to say you have the hottest girlfriend in this place. She's a real Hermosa. Respect."

“My Name is Manuel Hermosa. I am here to see Mr. Cuban regarding an investment opportunity in Mexican property.”

“That Latina is a real Hermosa. I mean, she has the looks of Jennifer Lopez, and I think she’s so hot.”


The expression “Hermosa” originates from the Spanish language. It’s a slang term, and language experts are unsure when it is integrated into English conversation. However, some experts believe the phrase became part of the English vocabulary in the Southwestern United States due to the influence of the Latin-American community on American culture.

Hermosa first appeared in the Urban Dictionary in 2003, referring to “beautiful” in Spanish. In 2006, the definition added the meaning of it being “the coolest person.” It started to refer to hot women in 2018 and continues to add new definitions for the word. The most recent entry refers to “Hermosa” as vaginal fluid in 2021.

Phrases Similar to Hermosa

  • Hot woman.
  • Honey.
  • Beautiful girl.

Phrases Opposite to Hermosa

  • Attractive man.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Hermosa.

Ways People May Say Hermosa Incorrectly

The expression “Hermosa” applies to good-looking women, not to men. Using it to describe an attractive man is incorrect.

Since it’s a Spanish word, it is more common in English-speaking communities in the southwestern United States. Calling a woman a “Hermosa” directly to her face might seem like you’re hitting on her.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Hermosa

You can use “Hermosa” when referring to a good-looking woman. Typically, she would be of Latin-American descent to qualify for using the term, but it can apply to any beautiful woman. The phrase suits social use with friends when you’re remarking on a woman’s beauty and how it makes you feel.

Since it’s a Spanish term brought into popularity in the Latin-American community, it’s more common to use it on the west coast of the United States. However, you’ll also find people in Cuban and Mexican communities in Florida and New York using the term. Hermosa is also the subject of many internet memes regarding attractive women and funny situations.

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