Bunda – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Would you like to compliment someone on their nice round booty? You could try using the slang word "bunda" to do just that.

Read on to discover where this word came from, and how you can correctly pack it into your everyday language.


The noun bunda (which can take the plural form "bundas"), which comes from the Portuguese language, is a slang word that refers to a big and round butt — and, in most cases, specifically a big sexy butt. Most commonly used in the UK, bunda is pronounced "boonda". The word is almost exclusively used to describe a female butt.

Example Usage

Now that you know what bunda means, you may be wondering how you could incorporate the slang word into a sentence. Here's how it's done:

  • She's got a fat bunda, man.
  • Look at that girl. She's got killer dance moves and a bunda to shake.
  • Girl, you got an amazing bunda.
  • Look at them girls there with the big bundas.
  • My girlfriend has a sexy bunda.
  • This targeted workout will help you get the bunda you've always dreamed of in no time.


The word bunda, meaning butt or booty, originally comes from the Portuguese language, and is especially widely used in Brazil — where large and "juicy" behinds have long been considered a desirable and sexy feature for women. At some point, the slang reached the UK, where it is now fairly popular in rap music.

The word bunda, meaning big butt, first appeared on Urban Dictionary as far back as 2004. It remained an obscure term until 2020, however, when bunda suddenly skyrocketed in popularity and gained numerous more entries.

While bunda remains a slightly lesser-known slang term, it is quickly gaining recognition. Those who use the word online today are quite likely to be understood.

Words Similar to Bunda

Big and sexy butts have long captured the collective imagination, and entire songs are devoted to them, so you have plenty of other ways to say "bunda" if you're not quite sure you feel comfortable using this slang word:

  • Booty
  • Cake
  • Donk

You could also, of course, stick to "butt", "bum" (if you're in the UK), or "ass" — but these terms fail to convey the concept of a round, well-shaped, behind in one single word. Bunda has risen in popularity precisely because it describes all these concepts with two simple syllables.

Words Opposite to Bunda

If a bunda is a large round butt, what words can you use as antonyms? In other words, are there any slang terms to describe a flat and shapeless behind? You bet! Try:

  • Flattocks
  • Tortilla booty
  • Mom jeans

What Is the Correct Word?

The correct word is "bunda". Originating from Brazilian Portuguese, it means "big, round, butt".

Ways People May Say Bunda Incorrectly

"Bunda" is a slang word that is used to express admiration, pleasure, or approval, and it indicates that the speaker finds the butt in question sexy. "Bunda" is not used to refer to just any big round butt — do not tell your fat uncle to get off his big bunda and stop watching TV.

Considering that the word "bunda" comes from Brazilian Portuguese, it is no surprise that it is pronounced "boonda" — if you are considering saying this word out loud, make sure to pronounce it correctly. The "bun" in "bunda" rhymes with "moon", not with "sun".

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Bunda

You can use the slang word bunda to compliment a woman on her nicely-shaped behind if you would like to. You could also use bunda to describe any big, round, and well-shaped booty you see in a music video or on a woman you come across.

This word does have the potential to upset some women, who may think that you are objectifying them by talking about their juicy bundas — so use the word with caution, in a context where you know it will be understood and appreciated.

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