Chingona – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for the perfect way to tell a Latina in your life that she's not just awesome, but also incredibly competent and efficient?

You could try calling her a chingona and let her know that whatever she wants, she's got the skills to achieve her dreams. Keep reading to discover how this word evolved over time, and precisely how to use it.


A chingona is a strong woman who can get things doneshe's a badass, and she's fierce. The word chingona is used in Latin American countries as well as in the United States, and typically describes someone who fits the description and is also a Latina.

Example Usage

Just in case you are curious how the word chingona can be put into action, here are some examples to help you out:

  • Of course you got the promotion, girl! You're muy chingona and you know you'll do a great job!
  • You better believe it! My mother's always been a chingona and she's proud of everything she has accomplished!
  • People used to use "chingona" as an insult, but young Latina women can now aspire to be strong, efficient, and badass.


The male noun "chingon" has always, in Spanish, referred to an unambiguously strong, smart, go-getter. The female version of this noun, "chingona", has not always had such positive connotations. Chingona has historically been used to describe a woman who is just a little too aggressive or forward, someone who "isn't able to stay in her lane". Indeed, chingona was considered a slur until fairly recently.

The strong Latinas who simply don't find themselves at home in words like "chula", which means cutie or sweetheart, have reclaimed the slur chingona over time. In recent years, chingona has successfully come to be associated with strong and capable (primarily Latina) women who are able to get things done and excel in all areas of life. The entrepreneur Sandra Cisneros, who has sold merchandise defining chingona, has played a large role in this transition.

Chingona first appeared on Urban Dictionary in this context in 2016, when "muy chingona" was defined as "a very badass female". Chingona was defined as "a badass female who does what she wants" on the same platform in 2021. Keep an eye out for the word, because you are likely to be seeing a lot more of it in the future.

Words Similar to Chingona

Chingona is a uniquely Latin American word — a descriptor Latina women can aspire to and be proud of. However, there are plenty of other ways to talk about strong, hard-working, and self-sufficient women. They include:

  • Boss
  • Badass
  • Doyenne

Words Opposite to Chingona

  • The words "chula" (cutie) and "princesa" (princess) can be used to emphasize more girly and cute aspects of a girl's personality, and are also Latin American in origin.
  • "Chingon" is the male version of chingona. It carries the same meaning as chingona, but without the history of describing someone who is too aggressive or forward.

What Is the Correct Word?

The correct word is "chingona", meaning a strong and capable woman who stands on her own two feet. Chingona is a Spanish word, and it is usually used to describe a Latina woman.

Ways People May Say Chingona Incorrectly

"Chingona" has quickly become an acceptable way to describe a strong and independent Latina woman. Given the word's history, however, some people may still use chingona to refer to a woman they consider to be excessively pushy or aggressive.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Chingona

You can use chingona to compliment a Latina on her independence and skills, or you can talk about strong Latina women as being chingonas. The word is most popular among Latina women themselves, and it is possible that you may get a few strange looks if you use it as an outsider.

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