Comme des Garcons – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Did someone just tell you they got a pair of sneakers from "Comme des Garçons?" What is that? Is it a fashion brand? This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression "Comme des Garçons" is a French phrase meaning "like some boys." However, the meaning of the saying doesn't refer to boys in its modern context. "Comme des Garçons" is a Japanese fashion brand operating out of the fashion capital of the world, Paris.

Kawakubo founded the company in the late 1960s in Tokyo, Japan. He got the inspiration for the brand name from a song, "All the Boys and Girls," performed and recorded by Francoise Hardy. "Comme des Garçons" is also the name of a popular Broadway show. The play uses structured but exaggerated silhouettes to express emotions to the crowd.

"Comme des Garçons" was the initiator of the "distressed" look for fashion garments and one of the first brands to introduce "ripped jeans."

Example Usage

“I was shopping online over the weekend and came across this brand ‘Comme des Garçons.’ They make some interesting fashionwear, and I think I’m going to order the Converse collaboration.”

“Comme des Garçons is one of the leading high-end fashion brands in the world. They collaborate with some of the biggest labels.”

“Why don’t you check out the summer range from Comme des Garçons? They have plenty of amazing clothing for the coming season.”

“There’s no reason to go and spend a fortune on gear from Comme des Garçons. The brand is expensive, and the designs aren’t that great if you ask me.”

“Are you ready to drop hundreds of dollars on a pair of Converse sneakers? Comme des Garçons think you will, just because they painted their brand logo on the shoe.”

“People that spend money on clothing from Comme des Garçons are out of their mind. The prices just don’t make sense.”

“I love the styles and garments from Comme des Garçons. They have such a unique approach to design, and they’re one of my favorite brands.”


The expression “Comme des Garçons” is the name of a Japanese high-fashion brand known around the globe. The brand got its start in Paris, with the label created by Rei Kawakubo. Kawakubo started the brand in 1969, founding the fashion brand in 1973.

The company has a flagship store in Paris and country-wide and global chain stores offering several garment lines. The brand has a presence in all the leading fashion hubs in Europe and worldwide, including destinations like the legendary “Dover Street Market” in London, and locations in Hong Kong, Melbourne, Ginza, and New York City.

The company manufactures high-quality fashion and accessories like perfume and jewelry. Comme des Garçons releases its primary collections during Paris Fashion Week. In 2017, Comme des Garçons generated over $280-million in revenue.

Phrases Similar to Comme des Garcons

  • Fashion brand.

Phrases Opposite to Comme des Garcons

  • Unknown.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Comme des Garcons.

Ways People May Say Comme des Garcons Incorrectly

As French is a challenging language to master, most people will pronounce “Comme des Garcons” incorrectly. Using the phrase for its intended meaning or “like some boys” is not common, and most people in the US won’t understand what you’re referring to unless they know the brand.

The UK has a lot more French-speaking people than the US. Therefore, more people will understand the meaning of “Comme des Garcons.”

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Comme des Garcons

You can use “Comme des Garcons” when talking about the fashion brand of the same name. The brand is well-known globally, and it has a good reputation in the market. Fashion from Comme des Garcons is in high demand, and the brand does several collaborations with top fashion labels.

The original meaning of the phrase “Comme des Garcons” is “like some boys.” However, this term has no relevance in English, and the only use of “Comme des Garcons” is for describing the fashion brand. Comme des Garcons manufacturers casual garments for social wear.

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