Flarpy Blunderguff – Meaning, Origin and Usage

The term “flarpy blunderguff” is a wonderful illustration of the way in which pop culture and the modern internet interact.

While it is highly unlikely that anyone uses this term “in real life” (off the internet, in meat space), you could throw flarpy blunderguff around to show that you’re a Criminal Minds super nerd, or to refer to a sex act that involves both food and oil paint.

Is your curiosity not satisfied yet? Keep reading to find out exactly where flarpy blunderguff came from, and what it might mean.


Flarpy blunderguff is nothing more than a made-up reference to an oddly specific sex act, or fetish, that was originally described only as “you need like an oil-based paint, and some charcoal, and some sort of food that you love, and I mean love, because you are gonna be with it…”.

Example Usage

  • Are you bored? Browse through these 21 exciting flarpy blunderguff ideas to spice up your sex life!
  • That new guy I’m dating has some odd fetishes that fall squarely in flarpy blunderguff territory — I’m not sure what to make of it yet.
  • Oh, flarpy blunderguff? That’s just something the screen writers at Criminal Minds made up for fun. I can’t believe that’s still floating around the internet nearly a decade later.


The term flarpy blunderguff first appeared on the CBS procedural crime show Criminal Minds, namely in episode 12 of season 9, titled “The Black Queen”. This episode originally aired on January 5, 2014.

After the show’s resident hacker, Penelope Garcia, is shown being recruited to work for the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, the episode cuts to her attending a workshop meant to combat sexual harassment in the workplace with the rest of the team. “Flarpy blunderguff” is listed as an example of a term that would be inappropriate at work, although the presenter admits to not knowing what it means.

It later emerges that all the terms listed as example referred to Penelope Garcia in some way, and she explains what flarpy blunderguff means only at the very end of the episode, by saying only that “you need like an oil-based paint, and some charcoal, and some sort of food that you love, and I mean love, because you are gonna be with it…”.

Flarpy blunderguff was able to capture viewers’ imagination, and the term started trending on social media platforms that included Twitter and Facebook soon after the episode aired. References to flarpy blunderguff remain strewn all over the internet to this day, and after doing some research, we can confirm that there is even some Criminal Minds fanfic that involves flarpy blunderguff.

Nonetheless, it is highly likely that flarpy blunderguff remains almost exclusively confined to the internet.

Phrases Similar to Flarpy Blunderguff

There is no other phrase quite like flarpy blunderguff, and certainly no exact synonyms. Should you be interested in terms that describe the combination of food and sexual intercourse that flarpy blunderguff appears to refer to, however, you could opt to use some of the following words and phrases:

  • Salirophilia is a paraphilia (sexual fetish) that pertains to being aroused by messy conditions.
  • Sploshing likewise refers to the involvement of food and other liquids in sexual acts.
  • WAM simply stands for “wet and messy”; we’ll let your imagination do the rest.

Alternatively, any phrase or term that was purely made up on TV and then transplanted to pop culture could be considered similar. In this sense, “cowabunga”, which came from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, has a lot in common with flarpy blunderguff.

Acceptable Ways to Say Flarpy Blunderguff

You can use the phrase flarpy blunderguff with your partner or lover, to joke about your shared interest in the show Criminal Minds — even in the bedroom, if you like. You can also reference flarpy blunderguff in discussions with Criminal Minds fans on the internet.


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