Somno – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you talking to someone sexually aroused by unconscious people? You could call them a ‘somno’ to describe their fetish. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression ‘somno’ means someone with a sexual fetish that gets aroused around unconscious people. Depending on the person, they may or may not act on their feelings. Since the person is unconscious when the somno interacts with them, they cannot give consent. Therefore, somno’s that act on their feelings will rape their victim.

Somno is short for the word ‘somnophilia.’ It’s also known as ‘sleeping princess syndrome.’ The somno feels a strong sense of attraction to unconscious people. Some somno’s can control their feelings, while others act on impulse.

If a somno admits to having sexual intercourse with an unconscious person, the victim can have them arrested by the police and charged with rape. It’s a serious charge, and the court will not care that the somno has a sexual fetish, regardless of the court’s move to be more gender-inclusive over recent years.

Somno’s reside in all countries around the world. Typically, most somno’s are male and in all age groups, and a somno usually fantasizes about women.

Example Usage

“Did you know that Tim is a somno? He likes having sex with women after they pass out. He swears he’s never raped anyone.”

“A somno is someone that has sex with people when they’re unconscious. How do they get consent for that from the other person? Isn’t that rape?”

“I never accept a drink from someone in the club. You never know when you’re dealing with a somno that wants to rape you.”

“Most somno’s drug women in clubs and take them home to have sex with them while they’re unconscious. It’s disgusting.”

“If you’re a sonmno, you have to live with the constant threat of one of your victims filing criminal charges against you for raping them.”


The expression ‘somno’ originates from the term ‘somnophilia.’ It’s a type of sexuality where the person only has sex with unconscious people. Language experts are at a loss to point out when the expression arrived in the English language or who coined the term.

The use of ‘somno’ to describe a sexual preference first appeared in the Urban Dictionary in 2020. The original definition of the word describes people sexually attracted to unconscious people. However, it doesn’t reference if they take action on these feelings.

Phrases Similar to Somno

  • Mental illness.
  • Perversion.
  • Rape.

Phrases Opposite to Somno

  • N/A.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Somno.
  • Somnophilia.

Ways People May Say Somno Incorrectly

Some people may use ‘somno’ to refer to people that have sex with willing partners. However, the ‘somno’ will usually rape the other person without their consent. Using ‘somno’ to describe someone with a sleeping disorder is incorrect.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Somno

You can use the term ‘somno’ when referring to people with a sexual fetish of engaging in sexual relations with people with a sleeping disorder that causes them to pass out unconscious. It’s also known as ‘sleeping princess syndrome’ and is a form of rape.

“Somno’ is the abbreviation of ‘somnophilia’ and it’s not a common sexual fetish. However, there are plenty of posts on social media regarding the fetish. The term suits social use and usually features in private discussions where people will talk about the term in disgust. Telling people you’re a ‘somno’ may result in a victim charging you with rape.

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