Guapo – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a cool street slang for cash” Use “Guapo” to describe your stack when you meet your friends for a drink at the bar? This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression “Guapo” means “cash” or “money.” It refers to the physical form of cash, particularly dollars. This slang term is used frequently in hip hop terminology, and it’s a common saying substituted for the word cash on both the east and west coasts and in the southern states.

Rappers from all genres occasionally refer to cash as “Guapo,” “Guap,” or “GWOP.” It doesn’t refer to a specific amount of money but rather to a large cash amount that stands out if you fit in your pocket.

The term “Guapo” is similar to “stacks,” “Benjamin’s,” “dollar bills,” and other street slang terms surrounding money. If you’re going to collect guap from your people, they owe you a substantial amount of cash, and they better have it on hand when you arrive.

Example Usage

“It’s time to get that guapo, son. Get out there and rob that liquor store if you want us to take you seriously, ya heard?”

“We all about the guap up in here. If you ain’t got it, you ain’t no good to us, and it’s time for you to leave.”

“Get that guapo and meet me at the drop site. We can’t afford to be late again, or the deal is off, so get moving.”

“We need to raise the guap for the album so we can get the pressing done. How are we gonna afford all that money when none of us have jobs?”

“Listen, cuz, when I say I got the guap, I mean it. You don’t have to worry about me turning up with my end. Focus on yours.”

“That’s some fat stacks you got there. I haven’t seen that much guapo in one place ever before. How about handing over some of it, homie? This is a robbery.”


The expression “Guapo” originates from the Spanish word “Guapo” or “guapa,” meaning pretty or handsome. However, the modern use of the word in relationship to money comes from street slang in Harlem. Drug dealers would refer to cash as “Guapo” or “guap.”

Another possible origin is the word being spelled “GWOP,” being an acronym for “George Washington On Paper.” The first appearance of the word “guap” in hip hop came from the 2004 song “Grand Hang Out” by the rapper Nelly.

The song talks about Nelly having so much money it’s falling out of his pockets, and his friends get to reap the rewards of his wealth and generosity.

“I been gettin guap since way back.”

Since the rap community use “guap” more than “guapo,” we can assume it comes from the “GWOP” George Washington meaning when referring to money in modern street slang.

Phrases Similar to Guapo

  • Cash.
  • Cash money.
  • Dollar.

Phrases Opposite to Guapo

  • Broke.
  • No cash.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Guapo.
  • Guap.

Ways People May Say Guapo Incorrectly

Some people may refer to their bank accounts as “Guapo.” However, the term applies to physical cash amounts only.

Some people may use the word “guap” in replacement for “Guapo. While it’s not the official spelling of the expression, it has the same meaning.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Guapo

You can use “Guapo” to describe money in social situations with friends. You’ll probably hear it used a lot in rap music and movies where African-American people are speaking.

“Guapo” means “cash” or money, and It refers to the physical form, so you can use it when you are holding large amounts of cash or in expressions like “get that guap.”

“Guapo” is street slang, so it has its biggest use in the hip-hop community and related industries. You can use “guap” at venues like strip clubs, and people will understand what you’re referencing.

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