Hoco – Meaning, Origin and Usage

An old saying states “home is where the heart is”; many people feel more at home when they are away from home. Do you know that feeling of arrive home after a long trip or perhaps after a very bad day? Maybe you have not visited your parents in a while and decide to drop by.

That feeling or action of going home after an extended stay is what you can refer to as “hoco”.

This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The term “hoco” is a short term for “homecoming.” Homecoming is a tradition in which people who have gone away to college or university return to their hometown for a visit. The term can also describe the week leading up to the homecoming game or dance.

In addition to returning after going away for study, hoco also means the return after any extended stay away from home.

It’s much easier to say (and write) “hoco” than it is to say (and write) “homecoming.” So, if you’re going to the hoco game or hoco dance, you’re going to the homecoming game or homecoming dance.

Example Usage

“I’m going to hoco next weekend”.

“Do you want to come to hoco with me?”

“I can’t wait to see everyone at hoco!”

“Are you going to the hoco game?”

“The hoco dance is on Friday night”.

“Would you like to go to hoco with me?”


The term hoco is derived from the word “homecoming.” Homecoming is a tradition in which people who have left their home, usually to go to college, return for a visit. The term “hoco” was first used in the early 1900s, and it quickly emerged as a way to describe the event.

The tradition of homecoming began in the United States. Every October, high school and college students across the country look forward to participating in their school’s homecoming activities.

These days, homecoming is still a popular tradition, and the term “hoco” is used by many people to refer to it. While the origin of the term hoco is unclear, likely, it was first used to describe the return of college students to their hometowns. Whatever its origins, the term hoco has become a widely used shorthand for homecoming. This term also refers to the traditional fall football game where alumni are invited back to campus.

Phrases Similar to hoco

  • BTSD” Teenagers use this term to refer back-to-school dances at their high schools.
  • “Pep rally”- a school spirit event typically held before a big game.
  • “Powderpuff game”- a female version of football typically played as part of homecoming festivities.
  • “Spring fling” is a dance or party typically held at the end of the school year.
  • “Senior night” is a unique event to honor seniors on their last home game.
  • “Sadie Hawkins dance”- a dance where girls ask boys, usually held in the fall.
  • “Winter formal,” a semiformal dance usually held in December.

Phrases opposite to hoco

  • “Winter break” is the vacation between the fall and spring semesters when students return home.
  • “Summer Break” is the long vacation between school years.
  • “Graduation” is the ceremony where students receive their diploma or degree.
  • “Bow out” is to leave or quit something.

What is The Correct Saying?

  • “Homecoming.”

Ways People May Incorrectly Say hoco

There are a few ways people may incorrectly say hoco. One way is to incorrectly add an “s” to the end of the word, making it “hocos” or “hocus.” Another way is by mispronouncing it, saying “hoco-ee” instead of “hoco.”

Acceptable Ways to Phrase hoco

  • Hoco is just around the corner, it is a good idea if we start shopping for dresses early.
  • There is nothing like the feeling of hoco after a long tour overseas.
  • Do you think that Timmy will ask me to hoco this year?
  • There is a rumor that Blink 182 might show up for this year’s hoco game.

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