Heaux – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a cute term to call one of your friends who like to party? Maybe you know someone who is free with their affection? Perhaps you are looking for a not-so-polite way to inform someone that they are known for sleeping around?

If so, heaux is a perfect phrase to use. heaux This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


In slang terminology, Heaux essentially means hoe or a person that sleeps or engages in sexual activity with a lot of people. It uses the french suffix -eaux for a modern touch to elicit the sexual vulgarity of a person.

In succinct terms, “heaux” is used when wanting to describe someone who is sexually free and indulges in casual sex. “Heaux” has the exact same pronunciation and meaning as the often used “ho.” You should never refer to someone as a ho or a heaux unless they are comfortable with the term. On the other side, if your intent is to insult, then the term may be used.

While the tone may not be the most polite or positive, it can be shared between friends in a joking way to describe someone who has had many intimate partners or a very erotic individual.

Example Usage

“The universe will sometimes send an ex to return to your life just to see if you are still a stupid heaux.”

“That crazy heaux has been around”

“What a heaux!”

“Hey guys, lets dress up in our best drag and go be heaux and the Grand Prix this summer!”

“A heaux has been around the block”

“The neighborhood heaux”


While the information on the origins of this term is vague, essentially it is a re-spelling of the word “hoe” with he -eaux suffix which comes from a bastardization of French by Creole/Cajun folk. Sometimes used playfully between friends with a sexual tone exchanged in a casual, care-free setting.

In modern times, heaux has become one of the most well-used phrases in the gay and lgbtq+ community. While cis people tend to use the word whore or ho negatively, the gay community uses heaux, but with positive tones. It is used as a catcall and to refer to each other in an enduring manner. Many drag queens will refer to each other as heaux as will gay men.

Phrases Similar to Heaux

  • BAE – shorthand of babe, term of affection, and endearment.
  • A Karen – A rude middle aged woman, usually white.
  • Smash – To have casual sex.
  • Baddie-Name for an independent female who is tough and beautiful.
  • -A cool person or someone overly direct or candid.
  • Shawty-An attractive female. Sometimes a short, attractive female.

Phrases Opposite to Heaux

  • Basic – Boring, average, or unoriginal.
  • Emo – Someone who is emotional or a drama queen.
  • Fam – Group of friends.
  • GOAT – Greatest of all time.
  • Rad – very appealing or good.
  • Dope – Cool or awesome.
  • Lit – Amazing, cool, or exciting.

What is the correct saying?

  • Heaux – sexually promiscuous or hedonistic person

Ways People May Incorrectly Say Heaux

Definitely inappropriate to use in a formal or professional setting. Within the context of an academic or professional environment, “heaux” would be very incorrect to use. It would send a vulgar message to the wrong crowd at the wrong time. You most definitely want to avoid such as situation and stick with terminology that is void of any negative connotations or sexual innuendos. Best used strictly in a causal setting among people you know and know you very well.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Heaux

  • Hey heaux, you are looking delicious tonight!
  • You know how Amber is, she is the heaux of the group.
  • There is nothing wrong with a little heaux behavior during spring break.
  • Those queens over there are some of the biggest heaux on the drag strip.

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