Chooch – Meaning, Origin and Usage

We all have that one friend that acts silly or downright inappropriately. Whether it is willful ignorance or simply part of their nature, it can be difficult to find a term that suites them.

If calling them “stupid” or “dumb” just doesn’t quite fit the extent of their actions then referring to them as a “chooch” may be a better alternative. This term is a simple, yet non-hurtful way to refer someone who doesn’t quite know how to act in public.

We will explain the usage and origin of the phrase “chooch”, as well as how to use it.


The term “chooch” is used to refer to someone who is stupid or moronic, or someone who acts inappropriately in a given situation. This person may act foolishly, or against the better judgement of others.

Chooch also can refer to a person who is a meathead, or think headed. Dimwitted is a bit harsh of a term, but chooch is not far off from that definition.

The phrase is also used to refer to someone who is cheap, or does not like to spend money. In recent years, the term has evolved to be a discrete phrase for a vape or juul, though it is not used as often in that sense.

Example Usage

“He made such a fool of himself, what a chooch”.

“I can’t believe he threw up on me at that party. He’s such a chooch!”

“He spent all of his money and now he’s broke. The guy’s a chooch”.

“He’s a chooch, he doesn’t even know how to cook”.

“He was acting like such a chooch the other night, he locked his keys in the car”.


The phrase “chooch” is derived from the Italian word “ciuccio”, which typically means “pacifier”. In Southern Italy, the term means “ass” or “donkey”. A movie called “Chooch” was released in 2003, and the term was first defined in the Urban Dictionary in 2004.

The term was also used on the show Jersey Shore, when one of the stars referred to another as a “chooch”.  Since then, it has become a popular phrase in modern slang to refer to someone stupid or foolish.

Phrases Similar to Chooch

  • An idiot.
  • A moron.
  • “Clown”, used to refer to people who are foolish.
  • “Meathead”, used to refer to someone who is stupid.

Phrases Opposite to Chooch

  • Intelligent/smart.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • “Chooch” – “someone without common sense” in Italian slang, derived from “ciuccio”.

Ways People May Incorrectly Say Chooch

The meaning of the word chooch is not obvious from the term itself, and thus it may be easy to misuse it. An example of this could be, “he’s so smart, what a chooch!” or “he tipped really well, he must be a chooch”.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Chooch

  • If you were to refer to someone who is foolish, you may say something like, “that wasn’t very smart, you chooch” or “you shouldn’t have done that, chooch.”
  • If you wanted to call someone stupid, you may just say the word “chooch” instead of stupid, such as “that was a chooch move”.
  • If someone is cheap, you could say, “he doesn’t tip very well, he’s a chooch” or “we went on vacation and he barely spent any money, the chooch.”
  • If you were talking about someone that acted irresponsibly or against better judgement, you may say, “he acted irrationally, like a chooch” or “I wouldn’t have done that if I were him. He’s a chooch”.

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