Lucky Pierre – Meaning, Origin and Usage

The expression 'lucky Pierre' is a less common term that you might encounter on the internet (especially on some dating or adult websites), and if you have seen it recently it's almost a sure fact that you have to look up the term first. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The term 'lucky Pierre' refers to the middle of three men who are involved in a threesome, or is alternatively said to mean the man in a threesome with two women.

A 'lucky Pierre' is used as a direct reference to the man in a threesome.

The expression can be used humorously in the context of referencing a threesome, the possibility of a threesome or the potential awkwardness associated with a threesome.

The expression can be confusing anywhere the meaning of 'lucky Pierre' is not known to anyone else in the group. Sometimes, this can add to the humor of what is being said.

The term is used to say “[someone is/they are/he is] a lucky Pierre.”

The term can also be used in the negative form, to deny that someone is a 'lucky Pierre'.

The term implies that 'Pierre' is the suave recipient of sex that involves two other people.

Because the expression refers to one person in a three-party group, the expression is almost never used in its plural form.

Example Usage

“When they let us know that they were both coming to the party, we wondered which one of us was going to walk away as the lucky Pierre.”

“If you're going on vacation with four other people, see if you can talk two of them into a private party and you'll feel like a real lucky Pierre.”

“He was a real lucky Pierre, my grandfather. He was married four times by the time he turned thirty. He knew how to charm the ladies, and he sure did.”

“If you're going to go out to the woods tonight, you're in for a big surprise. There's Slender Man, and lucky Pierre, you won't believe your eyes.”


The origin of the term 'lucky Pierre' is believed to date back to the 1940s, where the term predominantly referred to the middle-man in a threesome with two other men.

While the exact first use of the term is difficult to track, the term reached popular use in newspapers and fiction of the 1940s, and the term would soon branch out and become popular as a reference for the male in a threesome with two other women.

The evolution of the term means that 'lucky Pierre' began as an overt gay reference, though it would later change to mean a general threesome.

The term is a relatively obscure one, but the expression was brought into the mainstream by the band called Lucky Pierre, founded in 1970s Colorado.

The term is listed in Urban Dictionary from 2005, where the meaning is given as the most updated one – a threesome involving one male (the eponymous 'lucky Pierre') and two other women.

Phrases Similar to Lucky Pierre

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Phrases Opposite to Lucky Pierre

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What is the Correct Saying?

  • [he is/they are] a lucky Pierre.

Ways People May Say Lucky Pierre Incorrectly

There are several ways in which the term 'lucky Pierre' can be used or understood in the wrong way, especially if someone in the discussion does not understand the sexual meaning or context of the term.

The original meaning of a 'lucky Pierre' meant the middle-man in an all-male threesome, but the term later evolved to also mean the man in a threesome with two women.

The most updated meaning is generally accepted.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Lucky Pierre

The correct way to use the term 'lucky Pierre' is to use it as a reference to either:

  1. A male in an all-male threesome, and it's usually implied that the 'lucky Pierre' is the man in the middle.
  2. A man in a threesome with two women.

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