ONG – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Did a friend ask you to back up a claim you made in a text? You could send them ‘ong’ to show them you’re serious. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The abbreviation ‘ong’ stands for ‘on God.’ If you’re using ‘ong’ in a text conversation, you’ll try to convince someone that what you’re telling them is the truth. You may have witnessed a shocking event, and you’re relaying it to the person, using ‘ong’ to impress that you’re not kidding.

‘Ong’ can also serve as a confirmation statement of someone else’s ideas or claims. Or, ‘ong’ can serve to replace other acronyms and expressions like ‘I swear to god.’ Typically, people use the term to show their approval of something. Such as, ‘this is the best burrito ever, ong.’

‘Ong’ is the text version of ‘on God,’ and it’s only suitable for text communications, chats, message boards, and forums.

Example Usage

“I swear it happened that way, ong. You can ask Kim; she was standing right there the whole time and saw everything happen. She’ll tell you the same.”

“Ong, if he decides to come over here and start talking to us, I’m going to ask him for his number. He’s cute, and I think he’ll do fine for my next ex-husband.”

“Let me tell you, girl, ong, if I was you, I would have hit him in the head with the frying pan. There’s no way anyone does that to me and gets away with it.”

“I don’t know what is so hard to believe about all this. Ong, what I’m telling you is true. I have no reason to lie to you.”

“Look, you can say what you want, but I swear it was a UFO in the sky last night. Ong, if the aliens come down to enslave us, I’m heading to the mountains.”

“Ong. I was there on time, I swear. We need a time management system where I can check in with a clock or something.”


The abbreviation ‘ong’ originates from the social media influencer Tana Mongeau. Tana is a controversial figure, having been canceled on several social media platforms. In her YouTube podcast, the 22-year-old discussed YouTuber Bryce Hall and the upcoming YouTube vs. TikTok boxing event broadcast in 2021.

The discussion centered on who Tanner supported in each boxing match. When the conversation turned to her thoughts on Bryce Hall, Tana said the following.

“We team Bryce out here. Even the paparazzi’s team Bryce, on God.”

Tana voiced her support for the YouTube boxer, and it became a meme spreading throughout the internet.

Phrases Similar to ong

  • Omg.
  • I swear to God.
  • On my life.

Phrases Opposite to ong

  • N/A.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • ong.
  • ONG.
  • On God.

Ways People May Say ong Incorrectly

Some people may confuse ‘omg’ with ‘ong.’ However, the context of the conversation will let you know when they mistyped the term. Since the ‘n’ and ‘m’ keys are next to each other on the keyboard, it’s common for people to make this mistake when typing a message.

However, ‘ong’ and ‘omg’ have separate meanings. You can spell ‘ong’ in lower or upper case. However, using the upper-case format will give the other person the impression you’re ‘shouting’ at them in your message.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase ong

You can use the abbreviation ‘ong’ in text discussions with friends and on social media. The term suits occasions where you’re trying to impress on someone that you’re telling the truth or that they need to pay attention to what you’re saying. It usually features in casual conversations and can also play the role of an expletive statement to others.

If you end a statement or claim with ‘ong,’ it means you ‘swear to god’ that you witnessed the event or completed the action you’re talking about because it seems unbelievable to the other person.

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