Slatt – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a way to say you have nothing but love for your homies? You could use the rallying cry “SLATT” to represent your commitment to your friends. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression “SLATT” is an acronym for the saying “Slime Love All The Time.” It’s a slogan developed by the YSL rapper crew, with “YSL” standing for “Young Stoner Life” or “Young Slime Life.” The members of the YSL rap crew use the term to show each other respect and love in their records and their videos.

The abbreviation “SLATT” is popular with other YSL rappers and artists collaborating with the label. Some of the top names in the Atlanta scene, like “Lil Uzi Vert,” use the saying in their music and on social media.

The YSL crew and its associated partners spread the term throughout popular culture, and you probably see it on social media and in music videos out of the Atlanta rap scene.

Example Usage

“Where my SLATT at? Show me love, my homies. Let these people know we strong and ready for anything.”

“It’s all love all the time. SLATT baby, that’s how we play it out here, and ain’t nuttin changed round here, ya hear?”

“Don’t come up he with all that. SLATT, my homie, it’s how we do, you feel me? If you ain’t SLATT, get back.”

“SLATT to the homies back in DC. You know we out here representing the community. We take y’all with us wherever we go.”

“SLATT if you feel me, people. You know who you are. Show your support for the homies that can’t be here tonight. We’re out here doing it for them.”

“Let’s get this party going. SLATT, my homies, we’re ready to tear the roof off this piece, you feel me?

“Let’s get with it right now and SLATT to all the homies in the crowd. Let everyone know who you are, and we’ll take over this spot right now.”


The expression “SLATT” originates from the founding of YSL Records by Young Thug in 2016. The original lineup of rappers on the label included Young Thug, and Lil Duke, with the duo taking over the Atlanta scene, attracting other rappers to join them on the label.

The New York rapper Vado used the term “slime” in a music video around 2010, shortly before the YSL crew adopted it in their lyrics. Over the next decade, the abbreviation spread around the internet, media, and rap music. It’s still in use today and retinas the same meaning.

The word “slatt” is a stone slab suitable for turning into a veneer in coarse masonry applications. SLATT also has government applications where it acts as an abbreviation for “State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training.”

The most common use of the saying online, on social media, and in music is the rap-based version of the abbreviation.

Phrases Similar to Slatt

  • Show me love.
  • Where my peeps at?

Phrases Opposite to Slatt

  • I don’t need anybody.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • SLATT.

Ways People May Say Slatt Incorrectly

The phrase “SLATT” has nothing to do with the ectoplasm “slime” that you see in movies like the Ghostbusters. It’s a way of calling for support or telling your friends that you love them and you’re here for them when they need you.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Slatt

You can use the expression “SLATT” when trying to show love for your friends, a community, or a genre of music or entertainment. The phrase is unique to hip-hop culture, but it’s commonly used on social media as a rallying cry to ask for support or show it to someone else.

You can use the word “SLATT” in chatrooms and on streaming platforms like Twitch to show support to someone in the chat or the streamer. It’s a rallying cry to gather people from your gang or team to your side.

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