Youngin - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you talking about a young person? If so, you could always refer to them as a "youngin." Youngin is a common word used frequently in street culture, and you probably hear people using it all the time.

This post unpacks the origin, meaning, and use of this idiom in conversation.


So, what does "youngin" mean? Youngin is a popular word in use today, and you probably hear it all the time.

The use of youngin is particularly high in the DMV area of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington. The word is a slang term for a young person, and using it in a conversation is a way of calling out another person younger than you.

The word is also popular in street culture, and there are dozens of SoundCloud rappers using "Youngin" in their street name. Most rappers use the word in the "trap rap" or "mumble rap" scene, and they have an intensifier before or after the word in their title.

Most of the hip-hop stars using "youngin" in their rapper title are under the age of 25-years old, and some older rappers also utilize the title. It can refer to someone in the rap game that's young at heart or the youngest member in the crew.

Example Usage

"Look at that youngin over there; they're acting suspiciously. I wonder if he’s selling drugs?"

"That youngin was aggressive and wanted to start a fight with me; these kids need to learn how to behave themselves."

"I was at the store when this youngin came up to me asking me for some money to buy food. I found myself wondering where his parents were."

"These youngins have no morals or values; the next generation is lost."

"That youngin is an example that other kids need to live up to; he's an A-student and respected in the community."

"These youngins are out of control; they're going to start a riot if the cops don't show up soon."


Language experts admit that no one really knows the exact origin of the idiom "youngin." The word has a long history of use, and some experts suggest that the word has its roots in the Dutch language. The Dutch call children and teens "Youngens."

The Dutch word has the same pronunciation as the English version, and you probably hear English-speaking people using the phrase all the time. While it's a popular word, no one knows the exact origin or when it first appeared in the English language.

The Urban Dictionary defined the word in 2003, and there are few adjustments or additions to the meaning. The term is increasingly popular, and you can find it in use in the hip-hop and rap scene across America and Europe.

Phrases Similar to Youngin

  • Kid.
  • Youngster.

Phrases Opposite to Youngin

  • Senior.
  • Old man.
  • Boomer.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Youngin.
  • Youngins.
  • Youngun.
  • Youngen.

Ways People May Say Youngin Incorrectly

Some people may use the word incorrectly, referring to adults. "Youngin" is a word describing kids and young people, typically under the age of 18. This colloquial language is suitable for use in social and professional situations. Still, it might cause some offense with the person you're saying it to if they think they deserve you to treat them like an adult.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Youngin

It's suitable to use the idiom "youngin" when you're describing a person under the age of 18. You can use it when talking about family, friends, or just the average person on the street. There is no adverse meaning to the word, and most people will understand what you mean when you use youngin in a conversation.

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