Soul Ties – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Did you get a message from your partner telling you they think you are their soul tie? This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression ‘soul ties’ means that you’re spiritually and emotionally bound to your partner. It means that you can’t be without them and you feel lost without them. Another way to think of a soul tie is as a ‘soulmate.’

A soul tie is an emotional and spiritual connection with someone. They’re deeply embedded in your soul and presented from a heteronormative, cisgender perspective.

You may feel like you know someone from a past life or that you feel like you need to be with them to feel complete.

Example Usage

“I have a real soul tie with Kisha. She understands me like no one else on earth. I always want to be with her, and I think I’m falling in love with her.”

“I have soul ties to so many different women. They all think I’m the best thing to ever happen to them, but it means nothing to me. I enjoy it when I have to break their hearts.”

“If you have soul ties to someone, you’re emotionally attached to them. It’s like the emotional version of marriage, but without the need to formalize your feelings.”

“Soul ties with people are hard to break, especially in abusive situations. The one person will do irreparable damage to the other if they get their way with manipulating them.”

“My partner and I are soul mates, and we share a special soul tie that’s like nothing we’ve ever experienced with anyone else in our lives.”

“I think we’re made for each other. We have strong soul ties, and we are depressed when we’re not around each other.”

“Do you have a soul tie with someone? You’ll know you do if you can’t stop thinking about them all day.”


The expression ‘soul tires’ originates from the idea that sexual intercourse leads to the bonding of two people’s souls. Typically, this ideology is common in the Christian religion. It’s one of the founding reasons why polygamy is outlawed in Christianity.

The rule of the soul tie states that people that have sex outside of marriage connect their soul to the other person for life. As a result, they will remain in your mind forever, and a part of your soul will always be with them.

There may be something to the concept of the soul tie and sex. Apparently, we release oxytocin when we have sex, causing us to connect emotionally with each other. Some scientists suggest that the absorption of male semen into the vaginal wall of the female creates a physical and mental bonding process between the lovers, even if it doesn’t lead to pregnancy.

Phrases Similar to Soul Ties

  • Lovers for life.
  • Partners for life.
  • Soulmate.

Phrases Opposite to Soul Ties

  • Unemotionally attached.
  • Faking it.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Soul ties.

Ways People May Say Soul Ties Incorrectly

The expression ‘soul tie’ doesn’t mean you have a physical bond with someone tying o to them. It refers to a metaphysical bond between your emotions and values. Using the term to describe bondage of any sort is incorrect.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Soul Ties

You can use the expression ‘soul ties’ to describe a deep emotional and spiritual bond between you and your lover. The phrase can have negative and positive connotations. For instance, if you form a soul tie with a toxic person, your relationship could lead to a bad outcome and challenges to your mental health. If you have a soul tie with someone that supports and encourages you, they will add value to your life.

A soul tie is an emotional and spiritual bond, but there is some science-based evidence supporting the fact that it’s a real thing people experience. So, breaking a soul bond is challenging, and it can be emotionally painful for one or both parties involved when they separate from each other.

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