WEPA – Meaning, Origin and Usage

You’ve been invited to your friend’s birthday party and upon arriving, you hear a phrase said by their family members after they have finished blowing out the candles. Weeepaaa! This word, “wepa” is a fun and fantastic word that is to be used in celebration and excitement!

In this post, we will go over the meaning, origin, and proper use of “wepa”.


The term “WEPA” is a Spanish word for celebration. In various circumstances, its definition may vary slightly, but its core meaning is always the same. Did cousin get married? “Wepa!” Got a new job? “Wepa!” You can use “wepa” for almost any number of great occasions.

“Wepa” is a Latin-American and Hispanic phrase that means “Good job!” or “Congratulations!”, but it is most often heard in a much-exaggerated way in a fun celebration. Given that it is slang, it isn’t the most formal phrase and there are definitely better words for serious events. However, it is perfect for birthday parties, minor victories, weddings, and so on.

Example Usage

  • Happy birthday! Wepa!
  • Weeeeepaaaaa! They scored a goal!
  • Did you finish all the work? Wepa. Let’s go celebrate the weekend!
  • Wepa, wepa, wepa! You finished school!


“Wepa” has existed in the Spanish language for a long time but didn’t really become popular until 1974 when a song by Alfonso Veleze titled El Jogorio (Wepa Wepa Wepa) made it a popular phrase among Puerto Ricans. Then in 2009, the hashtag #WepaWednesday became a positive alternative to Hump Day. This was very popular among Latinx people as a way to celebrate the Latin heritage. Lastly, Gloria Estefan released a popular song titled Wepa in 2011. That brought the phrase back into recent popularity that still exists today.

Phrases Similar to WEPA

  • Awesomesauce – Fun and silly way to say “Very good or impressive”.
    • Dude, this new drink is awesomesauce.
  • GG – Shorthand for “good game” or “good going”.
    • That was a tough game. GG.
  • Sick – Slang for “Awesome, cool, or amazing”.
    • Dude, sick kickflip!

Phrases opposite to WEPA

  • FFS – Shorthand for “For Fuck’s Sake!”
    • You let the dog out again? ffs…
  • IDC – Shorthand for “I don’t care”.
    • Friend: Do you want pizza or tacos?

Me: idc

What is The Correct Saying?

  • Wepa: weh – pah
    • Note: According to some, you must pronounce the word very nasally to bring out the fullness of it. Also, hold the “weeee” for a long time, and the “paaaa” for just as long.

Ways People May Incorrectly Say WEPA

“Wepa” is a pretty universally understood and well-used word among the Hispanic and Latin American communities, so it can be difficult to misuse. But remember that it is a slang term and should be avoided in serious situations unless you are familiar with those around you. So unless you are on close terms with your boss “wepa” is not the word to use to celebrate activities or events.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase WEPA

  • When around friends and family at a celebration, yelling “wepa” is a great word to use and is sure to make those around you shout it as well!
  • Although uncommon, “wepa” can also be used to describe how one may be feeling at a given moment. “I found $10 on the ground. I am wepa!”
  • Overall, “wepa” is a fun and exciting word for happiness, congratulations, and celebration. You can almost never go wrong using it when you think it is appropriate. Wepa!
  • Wepa, it’s really a proud moment to see that you are finally a college graduate!
  • You are really doing a good job on your fitness journey, wepa, your progress is amazing!
  • Wepa on your wedding! You look amazing my dear.

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