Yassification – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you wondering what started the 'yassification' trend on Twitter and TikTok? This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression 'yassification' is a slang word originating from social media. 'Yassification' describes the process of something changing from the straight sexual identity to a more 'LGBTQ' friendly look. If you 'yassify' something, you're smoothing it out to look more beautiful and appealing to all sexes.

Both men and women can experience yassification, and it's a popular viral trend on the social media platforms Twitter and TikTok. Users will post a picture of a movie star, followed by another picture of them after undergoing 'yassification.'

Typically, the 'yassification' of a photo makes the person look gay, providing the visual impression that they are proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community or support them in some way. 'Yassification' is an evolution of the LGBTQ term 'yass,' which is a 'queer' variant of 'yes.'

It's common to see users post 'yass queen' in response to someone posting a yassification image or video. 'Yassification' can also refer to someone that feels the effects of taking 'Yass Pills,' or venturing into the LGBTQ space.

Example Usage

"Have you seen that new 'yassification' trend on TikTok and Twitter? It's hilarious. People turn themselves from cretins into beautiful people with the click of a button on their app."

"Is there a 'yassification' app I can download? I want to join this viral trend and yassify myself in front of the world."

"I saw a picture of Walter White from Breaking Bad undergoing a yassification. It was some seriously funny stuff, and I never thought I'd picture Walt like that."

"What's with all these queenies on TikTok posting these 'yassification' videos? I don't know why the algorithm has this stuff in my feed. I'm not gay."

"It's a straight-up yassification of my face. I think it's amazing what people can do with technology these days. I wish I looked like this in real life."

"There's no way I'm going to give in to the yassification trend. It's silly, and, Lord, help me if any of my friends see it."

"I saw your yassification video on TikTok. It was pure quality. I don't think I've laughed that hard in months."


The expression 'yassification' originates from social media, notably the Twitter platform. The Twitter user @MINTCHIP (account now deleted) was the first to coin the term in a tweet. The tweet in question used "yassification gas," referring to an imaginary gas that "yassifys" unsuspecting people.

A Twitter user, @puppyoveralls, replied, "I'm choking on the yassification gas." In August 2020, the Twitter user, @yukikaerotica, posted the phrase, "the yassification of X." The tweet featured an image of the Japanese pop singer Yukika Teramoto, with stickers and filters over her.

In early 2021, Twitter users started comparing celebrity's post-yassified versions of themselves, starting the current viral trend.

Phrases Similar to Yassification

  • Yas queen.
  • Gay.

Phrases Opposite to Yassification

  • Straight.
  • Authentic.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Yassification.

Ways People May Say Yassification  Incorrectly

The phrase ‘’yassification’ is an LGBTQ term used to describe someone’s changing appearance. Their new look will appear ‘gay,’ with soft features and plenty of makeup. Using the term to describe one specific group of LGBTQ people is incorrect.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Yassification

The term ‘yassification’ suis online use on social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter. It refers to a trend where a user posts a picture of themselves in their normal appearance, followed by a photo of them where they look ‘beautiful’ or ‘yassified.’ Typically, the picture has a gay reference, referring to someone that looks like their wearing makeup, particularly in photos of men.

You can use ‘yassified’ to describe men, boys, women, and girls that have a ‘yassified’ appearance or make a significant change to their appearance, making them seem gay. For instance, a man posting a picture of himself without makeup and another with him wearing makeup and cosmetics would be an example of ‘yassification.’

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