Awomen – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Did someone just finish a prayer using 'awoman' instead of 'Amen?' Did they make a mistake, or are they being serious? Surely, that isn't the correct way of finishing your prayers?

This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The word 'awoman' is an improper variation of the religious term, 'Amen.' Used in the 117th Congress as a way to bring equality into prayer, it's a gross misunderstanding of the Hebrew word "Amen." Amen means ‘let it be so.’ It acts as a solidaristic decree in religious proceedings.

Using 'awoman' in prayer is incorrect and a sign of the decline in western culture, particularly in the US and EU. 'Woke' people demand equality in all areas of society. They have a right to this noble cause. However, they often pursue social justice for silly reasons.

Because 'Amen' sounds like it has a male connotation, people assume that it's part of the 'male patriarchy' controlling the world. As a result, 'woke' enthusiasts demand that all things sounding gender-specific be outlawed from speech, regardless of their idiocy.

Example Usage

“Did you hear that ignorant senator use ‘awoman’ instead of ‘Amen” when he closed proceedings?”

“So this is where society is heading? Now we have people saying ‘awoman’ instead of ‘Amen.’ ”


The expression 'awoman' originates from the US Congress in early January 2021. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver is a United Methodist pastor and African-American politician representing Missouri's 5th congressional district in the US House of Representatives.

Cleaver started his term in Congress in 2005. As a pastor, it's ironic that he's responsible for coining the term 'awoman.' Cleaver closes the House prayer for the session with "amen and a-woman" instead of the traditional 'Amen.'

Since 'Amen' is a Latin phrase with no sexual or gender connotation,' it makes no sense to end the prayer in this manner.

The pastor experienced ridicule on social media for his actions. However, the media celebrated his use of 'diversity' in language.

Phrases Similar to Awomen

  • Unknown.

Phrases Opposite to Awomen

  • Amen.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Awoman.

Ways People May Say Awomen Incorrectly

The word “Awoman” is incorrect. It’s an ignorant variation of the religious Latin word, “Amen.” Using this word in prayer is incorrect and shows the rest of the congregation your ignorance and your political position.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Awomen

There is no reason to ever use the phrase “Awoman” unless you’re mocking someone for using it. It’s an example of how ‘woke’ ideology is simply ignorant and how it attempts to ‘cancel’ parts of western culture without correctly understanding its role in society.

The correct way to phrase “awoman” is “Amen.” Amen is not a sexually-derived term and doesn’t reference men. Using “Awoman” in replacement for “Amen” is ignorant, silly, and stupid. It shows your commitment to chasing woke ideologies that do nothing to add value to society.

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