Buss It – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you scrolling through videos on TikTok? You might find a few videos on the viral trend, 'The Buss It Challenge." This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this TikTok video trend.


The meaning of 'buss it' comes from the 'Buss it challenge,' a viral TikTok video trend from 2021. The video challenge involves clips of women dancing in their pajamas or sweat pants to the track 'It's Getting Hot in Here' by the rapper Nelly.

The video would suddenly transition to the same women wearing evening wear, doing a 'twerking' dance to the track 'Buss it’ by Erika Banks. The participants would complete the transition during the part of the Nelly song that says, "I think my butt gettin' big," which acts as the cue for the change to them dancing to the Erika Banks track.

Example Usage

"Have you checked out these 'Buss it challenge' videos? There are so many girls producing videos on it."

"Lockdown is rough, but at least we have cool viral trends like the 'Buss it challenge' to keep us entertained and remind us of the good old days of clubbing before the world shut down."

"I saw your video for the 'Buss it change.' It was so hot; you did such a good job. How did you get the lighting right? My video didn't look anything like yours."


The origin of 'buss it' comes from the 'Buss it challenge,' a viral video trend on the social media platform TikTok. It's also the name of a song by Erika Banks, published in late 2019. In the first quarter of 2021, TikTok users would start the trend of dancing the Nelly's 'It's getting hot in here' in their pajamas before switching to twerking in their evening wear to Erika Banks.

Erika Davila, a TikTok user, was the first to start the trend. Her video shared on the platform on January 1st shows her dancing to "Buss It" without the costume transition. The caption to the video read as follows.

"Please tag me. And if this has been done, I'm sorry, I just fux wit the song."

The video urges her followers to create their own videos.

"Someone plz do this transition but all prettied up omg plzzzz," creating the foundation for the challenge. Davila later published another video where she makes the transition.

Phrases Similar to Buss It

  • Twerking.
  • Bust it.

Phrases Opposite to Buss It

  • Unknown.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Buss it.
  • Buss it challenge.

Ways People May Say Buss It Incorrectly

The phrase has nothing to do with buses or transport. It describes a viral TikTok video trend from 2021. Using it to describe vehicles is incorrect. Boomers and older age demographics that don’t use TikTok or know who Erika Banks is won’t understand the use of the phrase.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Buss It

The ‘buss its challenge is a viral video trend on TikTok. Some people still post videos on the topic, but it started to whiter in 2022. You can use the phrase when referring to the videos you’re watching on TikTok. You can also use it when referring to the hit music video by Erica Banks. It’s more common for people to use the phrase when referring to the TikTok trend.

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