BBL – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Have you seen the term ‘BBL’ somewhere on the internet and would like to know more about what the term means? You could use the text abbreviation ‘BBL’ for saying what you mean. This post unpacks some of the meaning and origin of this expression.


The term ‘BBL’ is a text-based abbreviation for ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’.

The most common way to use this abbreviation is to use it as a capitalized acronym that occurs in a sentence.

The term is similar to most other text-based abbreviations, and it is just a shorter way of writing something for others to understand.

When someone wants to make a reference to a ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ either in a serious manner or as a joke, the term ‘BBL’ is used as a shorter way to say it. Character limits are one reason why it’s much easier to just type ‘BBL’.

Usually, the term ‘BBL’ only appears in its simple, singular form and any uses of the term ‘BBLs’ is technically considered to be rare but is also acceptable if there is a reference to several people in the sentence’s context.

Sometimes the term is written in capitals, though lower case can also be used and the term ‘bbl’ is also considered to be acceptable use.

Example Usage

“I’ve seen more than one J-Lo movie since the very beginnings of her career, and I’m telling you I can tell when someone has had a BBL somewhere between movie number four and seven.”

“My grandmother booked herself a vacation to Turkey for six months. She’s got a new husband, a Porsche and she’s planning to get a BBL a week after she arrives there.”

“If you don’t know what you should do with your ex-husband’s money, maybe you should just go to a doctor and find out what a BBL costs.”

“I had to tell my mother that BBL meant a type of surgery and that it wasn’t a new way to indicate that you wanted a Bacon, Butter and Lettuce sandwich.”


The text-based abbreviation ‘BBL’ was first entered into Urban Dictionary in the year 2003.

First uses of the acronym have several different meanings for it, including as an acronym for ‘Basketball League’ (less common) and an acronym for ‘Be Back Later’ (as a more common form of the expression that is used when the context is clear).

If it is said when entering or leaving a conversation, the meaning is usually assumed to be ‘Be Back Later’, and the acronym is similar to the term ‘BRB’ or ‘be right back’.

Modern, internet use of the same acronym to mean ‘Brazillian Butt Lift’ has appeared since approximately the year 2021. The use of ‘BBL’ to refer to this common type of cosmetic surgery is relatively new.

When the term is used in private on its own, it is likely to mean “Be Back Later” though on a tag, picture or status the term is more likely to mean “Brazilian Butt Lift’ instead.

The term ‘BBL’ in its modern usage is credited to TikTok user @antonibumba in several resources, though its use might have happened even earlier.

After its popularized use on TikTok between 2021 and 2022, use of the term ‘BBL’ would spread to memes and other social media websites as acceptable internet acronyms.

Phrases Similar to bbl

  • N/a

Phrases Opposite to bbl

  • N/a

What is the Correct Saying?

  • BBL
  • bbl

Ways People May Say bbl Incorrectly

There are several incorrect ways to say the term ‘bbl’ in a conversation, status or message board.

‘BBL’ could be used to mean “Be Back Later” and “Brazillian Butt Lift” although is extremely unlikely to mean “Basketball League” on the internet – even though this is the accepted definition of the acronym in most standard dictionaries.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase bbl

The term ‘BBL’ is used as a text-based abbreviation that is said to mean ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ in a sentence.

Whenever a reference to the surgery is made on social media, users simply shorten the term to ‘bbl’ or ‘BBL’ to save some typing time.

The term ‘bbl’ can also be used to say “be back later” if it begins or ends a conversation.

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