Grool - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Did you hear someone mention the word "grool" in conversation? What do they mean? Depending on the context, it could have several definitions. This post unpacks everything you need to know about the meaning., origin, and use of this idiomatic expression.


Grool is an idiom with three meanings. The first meaning of the word is a combination of the words "great" and "cool." The word is an accidental mispronunciation that somehow gained traction in pop culture, leading to its use in conversations, particularly between teenage girls.

Many girls will use the word in text messaging to confirm their approval of what their friends are saying to them in the conversation.

The second meaning of the word describes ejaculate from the female vagina. Some girls will have a creamy grool produced during sexual intercourse, and others will have a clear grool. The grool starts to flow as the girl experiences arousal. It's a slang term mainly in use in teens and college students.

It's unclear when this use of the phrase came about or where it started. However, the phrase's meaning might have originated from teenagers chatting and commenting on online pornography websites. The term appears on sites like Reddit and 4Chan in the 2010s, and it's still in use today.

The third meaning of the word grool comes from the meatpacking industry. Grool describes the offcuts produced during the meatpacking process as unsuitable for supermarket sales. These offcuts usually end up as pet food.

The animal by-products included in grool are items like tendons, fat, feet, beaks, and other inedible and unsaleable cuts of meat. There is no explanation for why these offcuts and unwanted meat products are called grool.

Example Usage

"I went to watch Rihanna last night with my girlfriends; she's so grool."

"I was with this girl last night, and she had a creamy grool; it was kinda weird; I thought she might have an STD."

"We run a full production line where we separate the good cuts of beef and chicken from the grool."


The word "grool" has a disputed meaning and origin. The original use of grool on film comes from the 2004 smash-hit movie "Mean Girls," featuring the talent of actress Lindsay Lohan.

During the movie, Lindsay gets distracted by a hot guy, and instead of replying with the word "cool," she replies with "grool." In the movie, Lindsay covers for her mistake by turning the word into "great."

The movie's release saw a flood of young girls using the word to describe things or situations that were cool or great.

There is no information on the origins of the sexual or meat versions of the phrase. However, we suspect that pornography websites might have something to do with the sexual meaning of the word.

Phrases Similar to Grool

  • Cool.
  • Pussy juice.
  • Offcuts and animal byproducts.

Phrases Opposite to Grool

  • That sucks.
  • This girl is dry.
  • The good cuts of meat.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Grool.

Ways People May Say Grool Incorrectly

Some people may refer to "grool" as "gruel." Gruel is a form of carbohydrate-based porridge given to poor communities in the late 1800s and early 1900s. However, the word grool doesn't refer to food, so using it to describe sustenance is incorrect.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Grool

You can use "grool" in several social situations. The "cool" version of the idiom is suitable for text conversation. The sexual meaning of the word suits social discussions between friends and partners. The third meaning of the term might be more common for butchers, meat packers, and people involved in the meat industry.

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