Pick Me Girl - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Do you have a girlfriend that's lusting over someone online? Maybe she's sending them money and DMing them without getting any response?

If you want to bring their "simpish" behavior to their attention, you could use the phrase "pick me girl." The person might find it offensive, but you're doing it for their safety and mental health.

This post unpacks everything you need to know about the idiomatic phrase, “pick me girl.” We'll look at the meaning, origin, and use cases of the phrased in conversation.

Pick me Girl Meaning

The phrase "pick me girl" is a viral meme with a similar meaning to the word "simp." "Pick me girl" is a meme or saying applying to young women or girls desperately trying to seek the attention of another person in a sexual or lusting manner.

These individuals are usually fully immersed in engaging with their online targets. They will spend money and time reviewing the content of the subject of their infatuation, and they won't listen to reason when people challenge them about their behavior.

While the person usually does everything they can to impress someone else, it usually has an adverse effect, pushing them away from the object of their desire. The phrase is popular online, and it's the subject of thousands of memes and Tik Tok video compilations.

Pick me Girl Example Usage

"Damn Sandra, you're really going all out after that guy. Pick me girl."

"Look at the way Kat speaks and acts around that guy. Pick me girl."

"Trish really has a thing for that guy; she's totally trying to get his attention. Pick me girl."

"there's no need for that kind of simpish behavior; pick me girl."

Pick me Girl Origin

The "pick me girl" meme would appear in late 2019. The rise of social media influencers and platforms like OnlyFans saw the introduction of the term "simp." A simp is a man or boy that follows and lusts after girls online. Typically, they have no physical contact with the other person.

The simp will send the object of their desires money and DM them on social in the hope of getting recognition from their target. As the use of simp spread, people realized the same phenomenon existed with women "simps."

However, the phrase simp is characteristically male, and applying the word to women wouldn't work. So, people started using the phrase "pick me girl" to describe the simpish behavior in women. The term took off on video social platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube, with many viral videos of the meme.

The Urban Dictionary first listed the term in 2020, and there are plenty of additional entries by independent users explaining the phrase. You'll find plenty of videos around, but the "simp" variant of the term is more common.

Phrases Similar to Pick me Girl

  • Simping.
  • Desperate for attention.

Phrases Opposite to Pick me Girl

  • A confident and self-secure person.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Pick me girl.
  • Pick me girls.

Ways People May Say Pick me Girl Incorrectly

You won't use the phrase "pick me girl" when discussing male behavior of lusting or "simping" after women. Pick me girl is the female variant of the expression, so it only suits the description of women or girls that are desperate for the attention of a male suitor.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Pick me Girl

You can use "pick me girl" when discussing women's outlandish and "simp" behavior. The girl or woman will be lusting after an influencer or celebrity, and you can use the phrase to bring their behavior to their attention by ridiculing them.

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