Kimochi – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a way to say “I feel good” in Japanese? Then you might want to steer away from using the word “Kimochi.” So, what is it about this saying that makes it inappropriate to use in social conversation? This post unpacks the origin and meaning of this Japanese expression.


The expression “Kimochi” translates from Japanese to “I feel good.” However, as with many translations, the direct exchange into English loses the word's meaning.

While the phrase does mean feeling good, it means that you feel good after experiencing an orgasm.

Kimochi is an emotion or feeling brought about by sexual stimulation. It’s a non-persistent state of being or feeling. You can use the saying to describe feelings of lust, or you can use it to explain how a person turns you on.

However, the most common use for the expression is to say that you’re experiencing the sensation of orgasm during sex. It can also refer to the afterglow you share in the moments after engaging in sexual activity and climaxing.

Example Usage

“Oh, Kimochi, baby, you make me feel so good. Let’s go back to the bedroom and do it some more.”

“If you keep touching me like that, I’m going to Kimochi, and the neighbors will hear everything.”

“The art of creating Kimochi requires you to understand the carnal knowledge in the Karma Sutra.”

“If your girl wants to Kimochi, she’s either going to get it from you or someone else. Rather be the guy that’s around when she needs you.”

“I feel like going to the bedroom to see if you know how to Kimochi. Let’s see where this goes.”

“When my girlfriend and I have sex, I always make sure she has Kimochi before stopping.”


The expression “Kimochi” originates from Japan, translating to “good feeling” in English. However, the direct translation alters the meaning of the saying. It’s street slang, and language experts are unsure when it appeared in mainstream Japanese vulture.

However, some experts attribute the rise of the saying to anime culture and the subculture of Hentai. Hentai is a genre of anime involving a sexual theme. The genre has a huge influence on western culture, and “Kimochi” started appearing on message boards as a reference to having an orgasm somewhere after 2010. You’ll find the biggest use of the phrase in message boards and forums like 4Chan and Reddit.

Kimochi is two ideograms meaning energy, spirit, mind, and heart (ki - 気). It also means to carry, hold and possess (持ち). The root of the word means having something in our hearts and mind. It also refers to readiness, preparation, and a friendly attitude.

Kimochi describes an emotional state as an irrational feeling or emotion that we can’t control. For this reason, the Japanese people use it to describe an orgasm.

Phrases Similar to Kimochi

  • I’m coming.
  • I’m grooling.

Phrases Opposite to Kimochi

  • That feels terrible.
  • No satisfaction.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Kimochi.

Ways People May Say Kimochi Incorrectly

Some people may use the phrase “Kimochi” under the impression that it means “I feel good.” While this is technically correct, sex is usually responsible for initiating the good feeling. So, If you use “Kimochi” in public, it’s like you’re telling everyone you’re experiencing an orgasm.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Kimochi

You can use Kimochi to describe the feeling of experiencing an orgasm. It can also mean that you experience an afterglow of satisfaction after sex. The phrase suits social use, but you have to be careful where you use it, or people could think that you are weird.

Saying to your partner that they make you Kimochi would be the appropriate use of the term. They could make you Kimochi by bringing you to orgasm, or they can make you Kimochi after they finish having sex with you and keep feeling your erogenous zones.

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