Loml – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Did your partner just text you and sign off with ‘LOML’ at the end of the message? What do they mean? Is it a good or a bad thing? This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this texting acronym.


The acronym ‘loml’ is a text abbreviation for the wordslove of my life.’ It’s another way of calling someone your soulmate, lover, or partner.

You use ‘loml’ in text communications with your partner, and people use it to describe their boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé/fiancée, lover, husband, or wife. You might see some people pair ’loml’ with ‘OTP,’ meaning ‘One True Pairing.’

Example Usage

“Ok, baby, I’m about half an hour from home. I’ll need ten minutes to get ready, and we can still make the reservation at the restaurant by 8. Great, I’ll cu later, loml.”

“Happy anniversary loml. You know you’re my everything, and I love you so much. Life wouldn’t be worth living without you.”

“This girl is the loml. She’s the one I want to be with forever. I hope she feels the same way about me. I better summon the courage to text her and ask her out.”

“Should I tell my boyfriend that he’s the loml? Do you think that will scare him off? Or will it make him want me more? I don’t know what to do here, and I need your advice.”


The expression ‘loml’ originates from the early era of text messaging. Before the days of iPhones, people would have to type messages using the analog keypad on their device. It was a tedious process because you had to press each button several times to spell a word. As a result, people started making abbreviations for common pleasantries and terms shared between each other during text conversations.

Acronyms like ‘LOL,’ “ROFL,’ “and “LOML’ replaced the need to spell these phrases out in text, saving the user time and effort. The first recorded use of the acronym by the Urban Dictionary refers to text communications originating in 2005. ‘LOML’ is a common saying between partners in text messages, and it features as an abbrevioation in modern text applications and conversations.

Phrases Similar to loml

  • Heart emoji.
  • I love you.

Phrases Opposite to loml

  • I don’t care about you.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Loml.

Ways People May Say loml Incorrectly

Some people may confuse the meaning of ‘loml’ with other abbreviations such as ‘lol.’ It’s easy to make a spelling mistake when typing a message. So, make sure you read your message before sending it to ensure you didn’t accidentally miss a letter. Replying with ‘lol’ to your partner when they tell you they love you could lead to an altercation when you get home.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase loml

You can use ‘loml’ in text conversations, chatrooms, forums, and message boards. It suits all sorts of social engagements online, and you can use it when addressing your family, friends, or lover. Most people use it when addressing their partner online. It’s a common acronym used in text messages between partners when they want to say goodbye to each other.

No official emoji replaces this saying, so people still use the original acronym. It’s a general term, and people worldwide use it in English text communications. You can use ‘loml’ when referring to your spouse, kids, car, baseball bat, or anything you adore. However, the most common use is for describing your partner.

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