NTR – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Did a friend ask you if you’ve watched ‘NTR’ before? This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this abbreviation.


The abbreviation ‘NTR’ stands for the Japanese word ‘Netorare,’ meaning ‘cuckold.’ A cuckold is an act of seducing and having sex with someone else’s partner while they watch helplessly. It’s not the same thing as rape because the other parties to the experience are willing participants.

The acronym defines a genre of ‘Eroge,’ a Hentai category where the protagonists or lovers are seduced away from him, willingly or unwillingly. This Hentai category is for adults only and usually involves a couple and a third man.

NTR has several alternate meanings. The most common of which is ‘Nothing To Report,’ used on social media networks like Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. Some of the other alternate meanings for ‘NTR’ include ‘Nuclear Thermal Rocket,’ ‘No Trees Replanted,’ ‘Need to Rush,’ and several others.

Example Usage

“Have you seen that anime hentai category ‘NTR?’ It’s some wild stuff. It’s like watching softcore porn involving a cuckold. I don’t know how people get off watching this nonsense.”

“Hentai is one of the biggest categories in Anime. The ‘NTR’ category involves videos of cuckolds between a couple and a man. It’s some crazy stuff to watch.”

“I like to watch NTR hentai. It’s funny to me to watch the guys having their girlfriends manhandled by another person in front of them.”

“If you like Hentai, try a few titles in the ‘NTR’ category. It’s all about cuckolds. Some videos are so funny, while others are disturbingly accurate.”

“Anime took a weird turn with the creation of Hentai. The new ‘NTR’ category is weird. It’s a cuckold fantasy where a man has sex with another person’s partner in front of them.”

“I went through your search history, and all you’ve been watching the last few days is NTR hentai. What’s wrong with you?”

“Since Hentai NTR is all just Anime, it’s not really hurting anyone. That’s why people see it as a harmless artform.”


The expression ‘NTR’ originates from the Japanese Anime scene, namely, the ‘Hentai’ category. Hentai is the pornographic style of anime and has a huge audience. Within the Hentai genre, you’ll find several subcategories, one of which is ‘NTR’ or ‘Netorare,’ which translates to ‘cuckold.’

It’s a notorious theme in the Hentai genre due to the uncomfortable nature of the male character being cuckolded. The NTR category also comes with dark humor relating to mocking the male cuckolded in the video.

The alternate meaning of ‘NTR,’ ‘nothing to report,’ comes from texting culture. It first appeared in the Urban Dictionary in an entry in 2012. People would shorten common phrases in text communications, reducing their typing requirements for messaging friends.

Phrases Similar to NTR

  • Cuckold.
  • Hentai.

Phrases Opposite to NTR

  • N/A.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • NTR.
  • Cuckold.
  • Nothing To Report.

Ways People May Say NTR Incorrectly

There are several meanings to the acronym ‘NTR.’ Searching the Urban Dictionary provides multiple meanings, including ‘No Trees Planted,’ ‘Nuclear Thermal Rocket,’ ‘Need to Rush,’ ‘Never to Return,’ and many others. However, the most common use of the term is to describe the cuckold hentai genre.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase NTR

You can use NTR’s anime definition when discussing hentai content in the cuckold genre. This content usually involves another man sleeping with someone’s partner in front of them while they watch. It’s a popular subcategory of hentai anime and has a cult following online. You’ll usually see people discussing it on message boards like Reddit and 4Chan, and in online chat rooms.

The alternate meaning of NTR, ‘Nothing to Report,’ suits social media exchanges where you’re messaging friends to let them know nothing interesting is happening in your life. The phrase is a common acronym used in text messaging and online chats, and DMs. NTR suits social conversations, and it has no professional use.

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