Boku No Pico - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Did someone just type "Boku no Pico" in the chat in reference to an anime they recently watched? If that's the case, you might want to avoid streaming that title. This post unpacks everything you need to know about the origin and meaning of this idiomatic expression.

Boku no Pico Meaning

The anime slang phrase, "Boku No Pico," refers to witnessing horrendous content or events. The content is so disgusting that you could end up having nightmares about it. The original use of the phrase described an anime series, but the term spread to describe any horrific situation or event in life.

The term's original use was as the name of an anime series, and that series changed the "hentai" genre of anime forever, creating a new sub-culture within hentai. If you're telling someone that something is "Boku no Pico," you're telling them that it was disgusting, and they should avoid watching it.

The term evolved to describe more than underage porn-themed anime content over the years. For example, if you watch a decapitation video, you're likely to find it chilling and horrific. If you want your friends to avoid the experience, you will describe the video as "Boku no Pico."

Boku no Pico Example Usage

Using Boku no Pico in text conversation:

User 1: Have you heard about that anime, "Boku no pico?" If someone tells you to download it, don't bother, it's basically child porn.

User 2: Yeah, I've heard bad things about it; many people wanted to throw up after watching it.

User 1: I'm one of those people; it was absolutely horrific.


Using Boku no Pico in conversation:

Chat 1: That anime was shocking, I don't know what to say?

Chat 2: Was it hentai or a Boku no Pico?

Chat 1: Ok, it wasn't as bad as a Boku no Pico, but it was close enough for me.

Boku no Pico Origin

"Boku no Pico" is the title of a three-part anime series released in 2010. The series technically fell into the "hentai" category at the time. However, the graphic and somewhat sickening nature of the series ended up developing an entire new sub-culture of hentai named after the trilogy.

The original hentai "Boku no Pico" depicts graphic sexual imagery with young girls. While the series doesn't feature real people, it's still disturbing to watch, and many find it repulsive. However, there is plenty of other similar-style anime films and series evolving out of the original release of "Boku no Pico," leading to the establishment of the genre.

People interested in anime culture would begin to use the term "Boku no Pico" to describe horrific situations in the real world and online. You'll find the use of the phrase most common in online streaming chats on Twitch and in Anime-based forums and message boards.

Phrases Similar to Boku no Pico

  • Truly shocking.
  • Utterly grotesque.

Phrases Opposite to Boku no Pico

  • Family-friendly.
  • All ages.
  • Happy clappy.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Boku no Pico.

Ways People May Say Boku no Pico Incorrectly

"Boku no Pico" is a phrase describing something horrific or deeply shocking. As a result, you wouldn't use it to discuss pleasing situations or online content. You wouldn't use it in formal conversations or with people who don't understand anime culture.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Boku no Pico

You can use the phrase "Boku no Pico" when you're trying to describe a horrific scene or situation to another person that understands anime culture. The term can describe anime events and real-world events as shocking or horrifying. It also features in both online and physical engagements.

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