WeirdChamp - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you a gamer? If someone does something creepy or disappointing in chat or during gameplay, you could always bring it to their attention by using the meme or emote, "WeirdChamp." If you frequent streaming sites, you probably see the use of this idiom all the time.

This post unpacks everything you need to know about this meme's origin, meaning, and use.

WeirdChamp Meaning

The first use of WeirdChamp appeared on Reddit in 2018, with the user sharing it on the /r/Forsen-subreddit. The post amassed a 99% upvote rating over two years, with 480-points. The original post reads, "looks decent might need a name change though." With the Reddit user 6in responding, "WeirdChamp."

If you're using WeirdChamp, you're referring to someone's post as strange or disappointing. The phrase suits use in streaming chats, where users will use WeirdChamp to describe their disbelief at another gamer's actions during gameplay or in the chat.

Some gamers may also use the emote when they think another user needs clarification or correction on their comment or post. Typically, the emote induces a comical response to anyone reading it.

The emote and meme feature a screenshot of the gamer, Ryan Gutierrez, with a very disappointed look on his face. The meme also appears as the same picture, but in GIF format, with Ryan shaking his head.

Many users will spam the emote alongside other POG or champ memes and emotes. The emote rose to superstardom on the platform, shifting from disappointment to mean something unbelievable.

If the gamer or person in chat makes you feel uncomfortable or weird, you'll post the meme as a repose to let them know you're weirded out by what they said or did.

WeirdChamp Example Usage

“I’m thinking about dating someone in their 20’s, but I’m 40. Does that sound weirdchamp to you?”

“That post is weirdchamp.”

Someone else: “I spent the night sleeping in my car after my girlfriend caught me watching porn and kicked me out.”

You: “WeirdChamp.”

WeirdChamp Origin

WeirdChamp” is a term originating from Reddit, first appearing in July 2018. The original use of the word featured in memes depicting the streamer Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez. The meme would show Ryan with a confused look on his face and a somewhat disappointing demeanor.

The FrankerFacez browser used by Twitch streamers added the emote to its browser collection, allowing Twitch streamers to post it in chat. The meme is very much alive, and you’ll see people using it when they want to tell the original poster (OP) that their comment is strange or weird.

Ryan is also the face behind the “PogChamp” or “PogU” emote, and it’s part of the “champ” collection of memes like “PainsChamp” and “OkayChamp.”

The first use of the emote included the caption, “FeelsWeirdPog,” referring to the Ops post being strange or out of place. Users would eventually change the caption to “FeelsWeirdChamp” and finally “WeirdChamp.”

Phrases Similar to WeirdChamp

  • Freaky.
  • Messed up.
  • Strange.

Phrases Opposite to WeirdChamp

  • That’s cool.
  • That’s awesome.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • WeirdChamp

Ways People May Say WeirdChamp Incorrectly

Some people may use WeirdChamp incorrectly. Typically, it’s more fun when spammed alongside other champ or POG emotes and memes. If you’re talking to people that are not in the gaming world or older generations, they might not understand what you’re saying or the meaning of the word.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase WeirdChamp

You can use WeirdChamp during online gaming sessions or when commenting on forums. Typically, the phrase has more online use than in the real world. However, it’s also suitable to use in conversation when you’re expressing concern, shock, or disbelief at what another person has to say.

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