Is that a Jojo Reference? - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Do you frequent message boards or stream chats? Have you heard the phrase, "Is that a Jojo reference?" Someone will likely reply with this phrase attached to a meme or emote if you're posting something bland or common on a message board or stream chat.

This post unpacks everything you need to know about the origin, meaning, and use of this phrase.

Is that a Jojo Reference? Idiom Meaning

Are you a Manga fan? If so, you've probably seen the cult series "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure." This series is essential viewing for anyone getting into Manga, and it's one of the foundational series from the early eras of Anime.

So, when you're asking someone, "Is this a Jojo reference?" you're asking them if there is something basic or common. They could be ridiculing your need to ask this type of question or poking fun at your newbie status.

People can also use the phrase to let you know you're posting something on the message board or in chat that they find general or boring. For instance, if someone posts a question that they should have spent a minute researching, someone could reply with, "Is this a Jojo reference" to let the original poster know they are wasting people's time with their content.

"Is this a Jojo reference?" usually inspires laughs and a flood of spam memes or emotes on the chat or the message board after someone mentions it. It's a great way to make fun of someone or troll them without anyone's feelings getting hurt.

Is that a Jojo Reference? Example Usage

Streamer one: Check out this cool pic of this anime movie.

Streamer two: Is that a Jojo reference?

Streamer one: Did you guys ever watch that manga series Jojo's Bizarre adventure?

Streamer two: Is that a Jojo reference?

Streamer one: I love Manga; there are so many storylines and cool characters.

Streamer two: Is that a Jojo reference?

Is that a Jojo Reference? Origin

The earliest use of the phrase "is this a Jojo reference?" occurred on 4Chan in September 2009. The poster used the phrase when responding to another user's post of "F**k YEAH! NAGARSUMI!" The user replied with "Is this a Jojo reference?"

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a Manga series with cult status among enthusiasts. Many gamers love Manga, and Jojo was one of the first characters on the Manga scene to develop a cult status in the fan community.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is one of the longest-running Anime and Manga series. Based on the original comics and artwork of Shueisha and among the best-selling titles of Weekly Shonen Jump. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure often features in Manga references on platforms like 4Chan and Reddit.

There are thousands of iterations of this idiom, and many of them appear on memes. However, the memes are typically only understood by those that have an interest in games and Manga movies or series.

Phrases Similar to Is that a Jojo Reference?

  • This is basic.

Phrases Opposite to Is that a Jojo Reference?

  • That’s cool.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Is that a Jojo reference?

Ways People May Say Is that a Jojo Reference? Incorrectly

Some people may use the mem in the wrong situations when describing something unrelated to anime or gaming content. You wouldn't use this phrase much in conversation, rather in online chat rooms.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Is that a Jojo Reference?

When communicating with other gamers online, you'll use "is this a Jojo reference." It's a popular phrase for use in forums like 4Chan, and on streaming platforms like Twitch. There are thousands of iterations of the meme available online.

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