OFC – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Have you seen the term ‘OFC’ somewhere online and need to find context for what the word means as a comment, a tag or as part of a status? The term ‘OFC’ is one of the most common internet abbreviations and might even be one of the earliest ones. This term unpacks the meaning and origin of the word.


The term ‘OFC’ or sometimes ‘ofc’ is one of the most common internet abbreviations that is used to mean “of course” when discussions are being had on social media.

The meaning of the term ‘OFC’ is the same as saying the longer and written out expression “of course” and the term is mostly used within the same context.

The term can sometimes also be used in a sarcastic or ironic means to point out that something should (or could) have been obvious: thus the exclamation, of course.

The term ‘of course’ can also be used to signify  a sudden exclamation of surprise, if someone realizes something, much like the term “Eureka!” is used. The term can sometimes be used as a comedic aid in this regard when someone has forgotten something clear or obvious that they should have remembered.

Use of the term ‘ofc’ is used as abbreviated and in the exact same way as someone would write “of course” out in conversation.

The term can be used as a hashtag, as a comment or as a status/part of a conversation.

When used, the term is mostly abbreviated and the meaning of the term is assumed by others who partake in the discussion.

Example Usage

“I told her not to wear that dress when she goes out to the party. Ofc people were going to look at her if she was wearing that all pink monstrosity.”

“If your grandmother is going to put that much corn starch into her cooking, ofc they’re going to feel weird the next day.”

“If you’re going to buy all your supplements off the internet, then ofc you’re going to have to take advantage of the money back guarantee if the product doesn’t work the way you liked it to.”

“Ofc Eric Clapton did one of the best versions of Sweet Home Chicago, but let’s not forget that the original song was written by someone called Robert Johnson.”


The terms ‘ofc’ or ‘OFC’ as a shorter way to say the term “of course” was first popularized on websites, chatrooms and message boards where it became one of the first official internet text-based acronyms to save time.

It’s guessed that the shorter abbreviation ‘ofc’ has been around since at least the 2000s, though might have already appeared on message boards in the 90s at the peak of the internet messaging trend.

The term has been in common use since at least 2004, the start of its mention on Urban Dictionary as one of the first listed terms.

The shorter term was fast absorbed into popular communication, where it became an easy way for users to save time and not have to type out the fuller term.

Phrases Similar to OFC

  • N/a

Phrases Opposite to OFC

  • N/a

What is the Correct Saying?

  • OFC
  • ofc
  • Of Course

Ways People May Say OFC Incorrectly

There are several ways in which the term ‘ofc’ or ‘OFC’ can be used in the wrong context, or misunderstood by others in the discussion who don’t understand its context.

The term ‘OFC’ is used in the same way as the longer expression when it gets written out, and it’s important that the context is understood by other users: of course is often an exclamation of surprise, but can also be used to point out something obvious with a hint of irony or sarcasm.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase OFC

The correct way to use the term ‘ofc’ is to use it anywhere the words “of course” would be used in the context of a discussion, comment, status or tag.

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