OOTD – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Would you like to show the clothes you’re wearing today off on social media, by sharing a selfie? You might choose to use the hashtag #OOTD to tell your followers exactly what your photo is all about. Keep reading to discover what OOTD means, and to learn about the origins of this abbreviation.


The social media abbreviation “OOTD” stands for “outfit of the day“. The abbreviation is used alongside a photograph of said outfit.

Example Usage

The abbreviation OOTD, meaning outfit of the day, is primarily used as a hashtag. It has also evolved to sometimes serve as a noun. Some examples of OOTD in action might include:

  • Post a selfie of the outfit you’ll be wearing for the day, usually in front of a mirror. Add #OOTD.
  • Snap a picture of an outfit you’re considering buying and ask your friends if this would make for a good OOTD.

Sometimes, the abbreviation “OOTD” can be used to mean the entire social media post you use to dedicate to your outfit of the day, including any commentary you make to explain what brands are included and why you chose the outfit.


The social media platform Instagram, the first to be primarily focused on images, was first founded in 2010, and went on to become a popular forum for sharing fashion, makeup, and other personal style images. It appears that the hashtag “WIWT” — meaning “what I wore today” — emerged first. “OOTD“, or “outfit of the day”, appeared as a variation of “WIWT”.

Pictures with this hashtag typically show the entire outfit, including shoes, and often show off smaller accessories such as watches and jewelry as well. “OOTD” posts focus on the outfit, rather than the person, and are intended to convey a complete look that others might like to copy.

The online men’s style magazine He Spoke Style first explained what an OOTD was in June 2016, but there is an Urban Dictionary on the topic from as far back as 2010 — shortly after Instagram first entered the online scene.

The most interesting thing about OOTD is the fact that the abbreviation has proven to have staying power. OOTD posts can capture viewers’ imaginations just as well now as it could when the hashtag first emerged. The abbreviation has even been honored with its very own awareness day. As of 2018, every June 30 is National #OOTD Day. This day is meant to empower people to show off their own sense of style while feeling confident about their look.

Phrases Similar to OOTD

WIWT” — which is an abbreviation of “what I wore today” — is similar to OOTD. While “WIWT” can refer to almost anything, however, OOTD posts are usually about a very intentional outfit, chosen with care.

A newer incarnation of the same idea, “get ready with me” (or “GRWM“) shows the process of choosing your OOTD in action.

What Is the Correct Saying?

“OOTD” can be used as a hashtag (#OOTD), or it can be used as a noun (“Look at my OOTD!”). If you like, you can also spell it out — “outfit of the day”.

Ways People May Say Great OOTD Incorrectly

If you’re just sharing a selfie, and the focus is more on what you are doing than what you are wearing, the hashtag OOTD should not be included — outfits of the day are carefully put together, and you might be considered uncool for sharing your unwashed jeans and random t-shirt as your #OOTD. In these cases, you would be better off opting for #WIWT instead. Outfits for special occasions like weddings or proms need their own hashtags; don’t use OOTD.

Acceptable Ways to Say OOTD

You can use the abbreviation OOTD, preceded by a hashtag, if you are sharing a picture of any carefully-chosen outfit you are wearing on that day. You can also refer to your outfit as your “OOTD” if you like, or compliment someone else on their great OOTD.


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