PENG – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Paying someone a compliment by saying they are attractive or sexy may have been common in the past, but there are better phrases to use. Peng is one such phrase that effectively expresses how you feel about how someone looks. You can also use this slang to let someone know that you think they are exceptional in some way. If you are looking for more information on Peng and its proper use, we can help. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The term frame means desirable, sexy, or attractive. It is a slang term that can be applied to both men and women. It can also be used to explain that an object, place, or other item is desirable or attractive. It is most commonly used to mean that something is very appealing be it a person or a thing. For example, a gourmet meal can be called peng, which means that it is very delicious and desirable.

Generally, it is used to describe something visually appealing and extremely sexy. Such as a person, article of clothing or even attractive-looking food. The context is also important. If you are looking at a person of the opposite sex, mentioning that they are peng is a way to express your desire. However, when looking at a car or a nice house for example, saying its peng expresses that you admire the look or the actual item itself.

Example Usage

“The house is great, but your sister is PENG!”

“Wow. Your shoes are so PENG! Can I have them?”

“He’s so hot! Definitely PENG!”

“When I say PENG, I’m definitely talking about him. I want him!”

“I look peng.”

“Words cannot describe how peng she is.”


Peng is a slang term that originally is thought to have been derived from the Jamaican word “Kushempeng.” This shorthand term is specific to a smaller set of users, typically within the subset of the cultural structure. In the UK, the term peng evolved to mean sexually attractive or desirable in the early 2000s. It is also used to describe strong strains of weed or cannabis in Brittan and the US since around 2004.

The Caribbean origin of the slang term peng is not confirmed but has been spread in many parts of the UK in recent years. It popped up in Nottingham around the late 2010s and has spread across the local area in the years since. It is found mostly in Northern London and generally refers to an attractive person or thing.

Phrases Similar to PENG

  • BANGTIDY – hot or sexy
  • REEM – very sexy
  • LEES –visually attractive person
  • GR8 – great
  • Gucci – very good
  • PYT – pretty young thing

Phrases Opposite to PENG

  • DUFF – Designated Ugly Fat Freind
  • UG – ugly, unattractive
  • FUB – fat ugly bastard
  • TBU – that b*** is ugly

What is the correct saying?

  • PENG – something that is “sexy, attractive, and desirable”

Ways People May Incorrectly Say PENG

Peng is a slang term that has mostly positive meanings. It is important to avoid using it when referring to children or authority figures are it then becomes offensive. For example, referring to a pretty little girl as peng would be seen as predatory or strange. The same is true for using the term in reference to older people, or those in positions of authority. For example, it would be inappropriate to refer to a teacher, or a priest as peng.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase PENG

  • Your new ride is so peng, I am absolutely jealous!
  • Look at the hot peng woman in the sundress in the corner, I would love to have the courage to talk to her.
  • That dude is so peng, look at the way his pants hang perfectly off his flat abs.

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