Pull Up in the Sri Lanka – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you wondering what the viral trend ‘pull up in the Sri Lanka’ means? Are they asking you to go to Sri Lanka? This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this TikTok soundbite.


The meaning of ‘pull up in the Sri Lanka’ is a misrepresentation of Nicki Minaj’s’ lyrics on the Kanye West trackMonster.People use the expression as a soundbite on TikTok to mock other users that post videos where they flub lyrics or quotes.

The soundbite lets the user know they made a mistake, and you’re holding them accountable for posting nonsense. The soundbite occurs after the person makes a mistake, acting as a mockery of what they said in the post.

Example Usage

“Did you just say that, right? It sounds like a ‘pull up in the Sri Lanka’ moment to me.”

“Pull up in the Sri Lanka is a mistake; it’s an incorrect reference to a Nicki Minaj song that someone made on a TV show.”

“Whenever someone makes a mistake with quoting someone, I always use ‘pull up in the Sri Lanka’ to make them feel like an idiot. It’s hilarious.”

“I would hate to make an embarrassment of myself on TV like that chick who said ‘pull up in the Sri Lanka. It must take years to live that down.”


The expression ‘pull up in the Sri Lanka’ originates from a flubbing of the lyrics of a Nicki Minaj song by Wendy Osefo. Wendy Osefo appeared on The Wendy Williams Show on November 8th, 2021, with guest host, Michael Rapaport, asking Wendy if she’s a fan of Nicki Minajs’ music.

Osefo attempts to rap the lyrics to Nicki’s verse in the Kanye West track’ Monster.’ The correct verse in the song is the following.

“Pull up in the monster automobile gangsta, with a bad bitch that came from Sri Lanka.”

However, the pressure of the situation led to her flubbing the line. Wendy says the following instead.

“Pull up in the Sri Lanka.”

TikTokers took a soundbite of the mishap, using it as a video mem to mock people who make mistakes with pronouncing words and quotes.

Phrases Similar to Pull Up in the Sri Lanka

  • N/A.

Phrases Opposite to Pull Up in the Sri Lanka

  • Pull up in the monster automobile gangsta, with a bad bitch from Sri Lanka.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Pull up in the Sri Lanka.

Ways People May Say Pull Up in the Sri Lanka Incorrectly

Some people may use the phrase ‘pull up in the Sri Lanka’ to mean something other than making a mistake with reciting a song lyric or pronouncing a word or sentence. The phrase has nothing to do with the island nation of Sri Lanka or its people.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Pull Up in the Sri Lanka

You can use the phrase ‘pull up in the Sri Lanka’ when o want to mock someone for jumbling up words in a sentence or pronouncing something incorrectly. It’s a jab at the person for their mistake and a reference to Wendy Osefo.

Typically, only fans of the Wendy Williams Show will understand the reference. However, it gained enough traction on social media to gain widespread use by people who don’t know who Wendy Osefo or Wendy Williams is.

You can use the phrase in social interactions and colleagues at work when people confidently demonstrate their prowess in a topic or subject but fail in practice.

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